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    Oleh SpringUp (15)DariThailand
    KITACO Aluminum Air Valve ตัวนี้ขายเป็นชิ้นสั่งมาครั้งแรกสั่งมา 1ชินนึกว่าได้มาเป็นคู่แต่มาแค่ 1ชิ้น เลยต้องสั่งมาใหม่อีกรอบ งานดี วัสดุคงทน ใช้งานได้เลยมีโลโก้แบรนใส่แล้วดูหล่อขึ้น...น่าใช้ครับ
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    • YAMAHA 03 Majesty 180 -   Displacement : 180cc Front
    • PGO PMX50 SPORTS 00-03   Displacement : 50cc
    • VESPA T-REX125 99-00   Displacement : 125cc
    • PEUGEOT YP125F (Taiwan specification)   Displacement : 125cc
    • SUZUKI NEOS [Neos] 100 00-04   Displacement : 100cc
    • ...dan lebih.
    diposting Feb 9, 2017Causes wrecks- plastic garbage
    Oleh Kocainum (1)DariUnited States
    This company made the stock tires for the honda grom models from 2013-2016. The rubber compound in these tires are so hard it is closer to ABS plastic.
    %99 of all grom wrecks happen because of this...
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    diposting Jan 22, 2017If provided
    Recently thought that Handlebar is heavy, happy to air check at refueling, less than half.Doubt the Puncture, buying it in a hurry.For the time being, what is this Cylinders? Instruction Manual is unk...
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    • YAMAHA TW225E 02 For the rear
    • HYOSUNG TW200 93|96-97|00-01 For the rear
    • SUZUKI RT125D Exhaust volume : 125 cc rear.
    • Bang Bang RV200 02-05|07-09|12|14|16 For the rear
    diposting Jan 22, 2017Good
    From Ishibashi Tire's Block This is RecommendationGrip is also goodThere is nothing to slide unless you do not have a very Brown bank
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    • YAMAHA WR250X (Supermoto) 07-14|16 For the rear
    • HONDA XR400 Motard 05-07 For the rear
    • MOTOGUZZI CALIFORNIA1100 06 For the rear
    • SUZUKI CB400FOUR (Water cooled) 98 For the rear
    • KAWASAKI SRX600 90 For the rear
    • ...dan lebih.
    diposting Jan 18, 2017It was BiasTire since OEM
    OEMBias→Dunlop GPR200→BS I used S20 and Radial for a long time and wore Bias for a long time.Used mainly in town, commuting. I do not drive to seek a special Grip, but I think that both Dry ...

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