Kapasitas Mesin 89cc
Horsepower Maksimum 8.2ps(6kw)/6750rpm
Torsi Maksimum 0.96kg・m(9.4N・m)/4000rpm
Berat Total 100kg
Kapasitas Tangki 7 Liter

89 Produk

Ulasan Produk

14 year type PCX 125 (JF56) We used it when exchanging outside the company. I compared it with an OEM and it matched without any difference. 500? After running I checked whether there was exhaust leakage, but exhaust was not exhausted at all. OEM Product is slightly higher, so there was nothing wrong with this product that is excellent in COSPA.

Crash t, sou sou quality, 2 week work and stop ( Ring down to cylinder, t catch, go to trash basket. No I take of, in cylinder, mounter again, no kompress, go to trash basket(((

The product came in a sealed box and excellent quality! Packaging is not damaged and the product too! I took it in reserve, so I did not install it on a motorcycle! I recommend this product and store to everyone! Successful shopping!

I used ordinary Iridium plugs before, but when I exchanged for this product this time I think that the startability of the Engine has improved.
Because of that, it took less time to turn Cell and the burden on Battery seems to be diminishing.

Selection of Plug was also a difficult place as we are familiar with various things such as 65ccBore up, NRMagicExhaust Chamber, High Speed ??Pulley etc.. I ran the second fastest from the OEM, but I could not correct the soothed feeling even if I adjust the air / fuel ratio to any extent. When I replaced it with this plug this time, it burned my best by chance.

Haven't got a chance to use it yet, cuz I am still deciding on what exhaust to get for my Grom, but given the price point and reliability of the Kitaco brand, I'm Sure it will meet my needs

2016 year formula (LED Headlight) Purchased to replace Grom 's Exhaust System to YOSHIMURAR - 77 SCYCLONEFull exhaust. As you understood by removing it, you can not reuse Exhaust Gasket first. Exhaust System It is an indispensable item for exchange.

I purchased it for exchange with Exhaust System and Set.
KITACO products are fairly comprehensive of the LineUP of fractional Parts.
Gold It is also cheap so I was glad I bought it.