Kapasitas Mesin 233cc
Horsepower Maksimum 21ps(15.4kw)/8500rpm
Torsi Maksimum 2.0kg・m(19.6N・m)/6500rpm
Berat Total 145kg
Kapasitas Tangki 16 Liter

134 Produk

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Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....

It exchanged together at the time of brake lever exchange.
I was easy to grasp lever form and thought that texture was also good considering a price.
A point regrettable [ one ] has GATA in a pivot part compared with a pure lever.
Operation does not seem to be affected.

It just said that it was reasonably priced.

It purchased to XJ6Diversion.

It will become Massey, if it does not fit into a filter easily firmly but uses for a while in the beginning.

Since it is the first exchange, a wrench is also simultaneous purchase.