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Feeling chore at 1000 to 2500 revolutions (Gokugaku) Purchased in anticipation of dissolution of Donzuki.

The effect was more than I expected.

Before installation, at low speed Turn, when "Axel fully closed → open Axel" it got cranky and the position during Turn became unstable.

After installation, when tried with the setting according to the Manufacturer specified value, there are no gouging and Donzuki at the time of "Axel fully closed → open Axel" (Can you control it? , The system during Turn was not disturbed, it became easy to ride very much.

The appearance and warranty of the product "?" But the effect is Large satisfied.

Although it is Easy, it is necessary to remove the Side cowl for installation, just install it if you find a Connector.
Torque from the low range got worse and it feels nice.
Since Body is very small, it can be stored under Seat.
Although I care slightly high in price, I am satisfied with the performance.
However, since the manual was a bit unfriendly and we did not accept any inquiries at the manufacturer, we felt a bit uneasy about the support system so we have four stars.