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It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....

It exchanged together at the time of brake lever exchange.
I was easy to grasp lever form and thought that texture was also good considering a price.
A point regrettable [ one ] has GATA in a pivot part compared with a pure lever.
Operation does not seem to be affected.

It is always putting in under the sheet for the emergencies at the time of touring.
Although he does not want to encounter the opportunity for this to play an active part ...

The model of the ANO silencer set additionally was purchased.
Although it wavered with S-titanium of the nojima, it carried out here by the smallness of sound volume, and the low price of the price.
A good point.
Since appearance is modest although it will be the most pleasant motorcycle if it rides, a parenthesis becomes good for a while by the presence of a muffler.
Since weight weighs about 19 kg as for a pure muffler, it becomes fairly light and an aggressiveness walk and stand credit become easy.
seemingly although a quiet pure exhaust sound is not bad, either, they are 4 cylinders of air cooling -- it becomes sound good.
Even if it turns, the sound volume itself is not like it, either.
There is torque of enough even in a low rotation region, and the ease of riding which is the greatest virtue of RC42 does not change.
A bad point.
Since it is a stainless raw material, it is that taking only needs to be maintained [ which can be burned these days unlike the mainstream thing made from titanium ].

It attaches above all and safe.
This No. 1

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So I got it by a mechanic

Eleven months later, broken due to disconnection of the red Red circle part

I do not know the details

Motorcycle shop mechanic says
"This structure is too thin a line of weakness to be pulled with Handlebar" And that

Valve's performance - The fundamental part other than the cooling performance seems to be poor

It is regrettable just because I felt that it was bright as brightness

I only ran about 6000 km

It is used for Off-road motorcycle with Top case. There is another for Off, but because there is Screen at Touring SEROW, I made it for Large type Motorcycle here. This was the correct answer.