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Exchange at the same time as replacing Front brake disc.
It is impression after running about 5000 km.
Although it is the use situation,
- city : 3
- A suburb : 6
- high speed : 1
- Brake system other than Pad is OEMSpec.
It is like that.

【good point】
- Okinawa will rise to OEMPad for initial braking. Hyper carbonPad feels the braking force and operability when grasping Lever on top. Feeling is not tightly system.
- The price is also a little cheaper than OEM, with almost the same price wherever you purchase it.
- I feel that the operation feeling hardly changes even in the rain.
- Aggression to disc seems to be low.

【Imaichi points】
- When the Brake disc is cold, the braking force decreases a little. For that reason 20 to 40 km throughout the city / When traveling with h, there are times when you feel that initial braking is weak somewhat.
- A little distance was necessary for break-in. I got a satisfying braking power from running around 1000 km outside the suburbs with no signal.

The durability of Brake dust and Pad seems to be no difference between OEM and Large.

If there is a speed to a certain extent, there is almost no scene where the disc warms up quickly or the weakness of the initial braking is felt. However, if there are a lot of opportunities for Tandem driving, I think I will choose another Pad.