Kapasitas Mesin 669cc
Horsepower Maksimum 50ps(37kw)/6250rpm
Torsi Maksimum 6.2kg・m(61N・m)/4750rpm
Berat Total 225kg
Kapasitas Tangki 14 Liter


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Sepasang Jalu Stang Universal MAGAZI - PROTECH mantap!

Like this product... looks great when applied. Awesome

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

It purchases to CB750F INTEGRA.
Since the clutch wire was old, it decided to exchange.
Compared with the new article, the removed old wire deteriorated fairly and was hard.
Probably, it was almost a life, since it had used this and that for ten years or more, although used lubricating briskly.
The operation became light clearly after exchange.
When not changing the clutch wire what year, or when a discontinued car is purchased in medieval times, aren't they the components which may consider exchange first?
I think that it is a portion which operativity improves but certainly cheaply.
It seems that in addition, such a thing cannot be found and it can use for this product although it has written clearly A bol d'or integra is excluded in the package.
It was the completely same actually die length as my integra being pure, and even if checked with the parts list, the bol d'or was also the same parts number.

It exchanged together at the time of brake lever exchange.
I was easy to grasp lever form and thought that texture was also good considering a price.
A point regrettable [ one ] has GATA in a pivot part compared with a pure lever.
Operation does not seem to be affected.

Order these grips for a Honda CBR1000f as per the listing but they are to short,I should have measured the old grips instead of trusting the listing so please check before you order.Nice grip otherwise.

I used this for CB 750 RC 42, Lever liked Black. It used to be a Korea made BlackLever, but I like it because it is glossy here. It is Exactly to RC 42 and there is no astringentness The operation feeling is very good

I have heard the reputation of this Plug, but I tried buying it to be handled by Webike.
So far as Watani's designation OEM DPR Gap 1. I adjusted it to 3 mm and used it. Ignition system and lighting and fans (Cause of voltage eating) And is completely processing Wiring is divided.
Even when I changed Igniter and Coil "Beauty is on fire" Although I was impressed with this, I will go further up when I put this in. The cloudy rush of about 5000 rpm from Clutch meat is like Silky, it seems that generations have gone lightly for about 10 years. I feel that my heart or exhaust smell has also decreased (Lol)
However, it is said that the introduction of Wotani SPll is the Large premise as minimum as Mr. Shimaba says from the import distributor. Horribly Gap is wide so fire will not fly in the same Coil.
If the fans turn around due to heavy traffic in the summer, there are many misfires → JR 8C installed, but ... If you want to enjoy drastic solutions and fine Feel, I recommend this combination.