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Like this product... looks great when applied. Awesome

It is attached to the NSR 250 R MC 21.
Since it is the use of Touring degree, I chose Material for STREET.

Since it is a vehicle 25 years ago, the Rotor at the time of installing a new car has reached the limit and it is necessary to exchange the Rotor.
Recently Rotor made in China is sold cheaply but it is a thing related to life so I was looking for domestic production.
Although there was only Rotor of a certain company in the candidate, we had consultation with Advantage for the low degree of Custom, so we made for NSR.
MotoGP Moto2 & Moto3Class is also used in Rotor Performance, as well as the beauty of appearance coupled with the degree of Custom.

When I wearing and running, the behavior of Brake became straightforward and Riding became fun.

I decided to buy it because it is a good evaluation just watching various impressions.

There are also few choices because it is Minor model - - -

It was a bit tight at the time of installation and I had a bit of difficulty. Because of that, I was beginning to drag in the beginning, but now I am improving.

The direction of Brake's handedness is quite effective from the start of hanging on other Impre street, it feels good when you hold it firmly.

It made it considerably easier to handle.

I think that it can be impressed when installed in a Caliper other than brembo.

I became a fan of Jimmy's Pad!

Purchase for use with HondaRS 125R.

Mainly used when using Tire warmer.

It is easy to handle lightly with Compact, Front up can be done with less power.

Recommended because it can be used for NSR 50!

Cling to Z1000.
Only a part to have grasped is effective although it is not the absolute damping force which is effective with Gatun.
I think that it is the touch which is easy to control.

Luminous intensity distribution are good and can exchange easily.
It was the structure which is enough also as for the measure against an automobile inspection, and can feel easy about it.