HONDA Shadow Classic 400

HONDA Shadow Classic 400

Classical custom cruiser "Shadow 400" derived from Old Steed was fully remodeled.Naming has also been reborn as a new Shadow Classic 400.The aged, water-cooled 52 ° v twin engine adopts PGM-FI as a fuel supply and copes with exhaust gas regulation combined with equipment of exhaust O 2 sensor and catalytic converter.At the same time, it improves the cold startability and idling stability, and also improves the fuel economy of about 11%.In order to emphasize the exhaust sound of each cylinder to emphasize the V Twinish-like sound, the muffler has been changed from the conventional 2 in 1 to the tapered end type, and the rear wheel drive is changed to the low maintenance shaft drive.Minor changes have also been made to performance related parts such as moving the front disc brake to the right for optimizing weight distribution and placing the radiator between the frame down tubes.Although the body relation is not basically the same as the conventional type, the shape of the steering wheel and the position of the step board have been largely changed, the seat shape is also reviewed, and the degree of freedom of the riding position and the feet tightness are improved.

Kapasitas Mesin 398cc
Horsepower Maksimum 31ps(23kw)/7000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 3.4kg・m(33N・m)/3500rpm
Berat Total 255kg
Kapasitas Tangki 14 Liter

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Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....

It just said that it was reasonably priced.

It purchased to XJ6Diversion.

It will become Massey, if it does not fit into a filter easily firmly but uses for a while in the beginning.

Since it is the first exchange, a wrench is also simultaneous purchase.

Blue color of Anodized is gathered up as Accent in the whole of BlackBase.
I use it together with MASTERSinterCap of the same series

Saddlebag of Enduris Tan purchased for Silencer because it has partially melted.
Originally, Silencer heat guard was attached, but the length was only 12 cm, and in the forest road Saddlebag gradually moved and hit the Silencer. Although I have not yet gone to the forest road after attaching this Guard, it is probably Large enough to cover the entire Silencer, so I think probably Large is durable.

I purchased Green Light because the installed Motorcycle is Z1000, but the texture is much better than I expected.
Installation can only be done by removing the original Filler cap, so it can be done in 10 seconds. Rather it may take more time to get the item out of the box ... lol