Individual low & long form that reduced the height up and down, a large car class as 250, and Quarter Custom gaining popularity with stable cornering performance that I do not think American.The engine is a ripening water cooled DOHC 90 ° V twin with its VT 250 F roots, effectively truncating the speed range over 100 km / h, pursuing thoroughly the torque feeling and acceleration performance in the usual range.The 2007 model paints the engine, the front wheel center, the front brake disc inner, and the rear brake cover to black and emphasizes the contrast with the plated part.Tank mark on the upper surface of the fuel tank is given which designed the phoenix bird.Body color is one color setting of graphite black with a stronger gloss than before.The price has increased by 20,000 yen (tax excluded) to the previous level.

Kapasitas Mesin 249cc
Horsepower Maksimum 27ps(20kw)/10000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 2.3kg・m(23N・m)/7500rpm
Berat Total 184kg
Kapasitas Tangki 11 Liter


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15000 km used. Even taking into consideration that it is not a Motorcycle issuing Speed, I am satisfied with Life as well. It is the second purchase..

It is feeling that there is neither possible nor impossible.
It is not a feeling to work with a gut, but there is no dissatisfaction.
I think that it is enough if you take a street ride..
The price is cheapest!
I'm happy..

Last time was KITACO. Pad dust is abundant and dirt is so bad that I tried this product famous for Brake Pads.
Gold amount is about the same, but I tried using it for about half a year, but it is not effective and it is impossible. Pad kas is small, but decreasing seems to be fast.

I bought it because the remaining amount of Pad is gone! Since I heard the story that Red Pad! Is famous and saying it works well when it is called Pad, it works much better than OEM when you install it! Life is short feeling I will do!

We, I love the Golden Pad of DAYTONA.

Unfortunately there is no Golden Pad for LEAD 100.

This product's phrase "Improve wear resistance while maintaining the effectiveness of Golden Pad" As I mentioned it, I tried using it. The distance we used is about 3,000 km Meter.

【Effect】 Initial braking is somewhat inferior to Golden Pad, but if you grab Lever, Golden Pad and the like. To be effective.

【Wear resistance】 3. 000 kilometer Meter After measuring the thickness of Pad after running, only 0. Only 09 mm worn out.

【Control】 With Golden Pad etc.. It is easy to handle with, it works well!

【Conclusion】 Those who can not afford Golden Pad for expensive price, strongly recommend to those who do not have Golden Pad of Love for Vehicle!
Please try using it by all means!

When it was put out for maintenance to a Motorcycle store, I had you exchange it. When you buy Motorcycle in second hand, you will have Brake serviced. Once you change, you will last long.

I think that it is good.
It is cheap. It stops with my

When cheap, he bought it as a Spare.