It was the largest XL-R model which adopted the electronic advance angle CDI ignition or the automatic cam chain tensioner. It adopted a pro-link for the rear suspension and showed powerful travelling ability.

Kapasitas Mesin 398cc
Horsepower Maksimum 27ps(20kw)/6500rpm
Torsi Maksimum 3.2kg・m(31.4N・m)/5000rpm
Berat Total 146kg
Kapasitas Tangki - Liter

167 Produk

Produk Rekomendasi

Merek Top

Ulasan Produk

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

I used it for Brake before and after NS 250 R.
Somewhat ineffective at the beginning of use, familiar (Atari comes out) It was impossible to impossible until.
Even if familiar, it is Touch feeling that it will be effective as a jiwa ~ っ て rather than being effective with a gutsun.
I think whether it is suitable for those who rush to spirit too much.
Our NS is already a retired Motorcycle from how to ride hard
This is enough braking force.
Or, it's easy to control BrakeTouch.
Just feeling somewhat bad at rainy weather.

Since Base is Orange in appearance, there are also Custom feeling somewhat,
The boundary with Pad is easy to understand, so it is easier to see decrease.

I was able to replace it with a feeling like OEM because I did not need to replace it, especially processing.

About durability is still about 1000 km so I can not say anything, but if I think from the price
I think that it is a product that is fully satisfied.

the old vehicle (Honda NV400) -- and I have you sell at a low price pure, and it is gratitude.0
Although it is not in the situation which can still run per under a Restore, in attachment, it does not feel uneasy to accuracy or structure at all.The
Please continue the Lineup of the old vehicle in the future.0

Exchange of a method was simply completed to exchange by oneself, since shakiness of the existing Bearing was worrisome rather than having considered, since it referred to the Net. The motion of a Taper Bearing was very smooth and the Handling became very good. Pleasant time was able to be spent although it was

Although I haven't run for a long distance after wearing, I know the difference from the genuine. It seems to be firm.

It is used for [Webike-monitor] NSR250R and 88 models.
Unlike a former ball bearing, it moves smoothly.
I think that it is large well that the former state was too severe.
Durability is likely to be expectable.
Since the price regarded a few as neck kana, they are four stars.

It is used by the hornet 250.
When changing a set of the circumferences of a front into VTR1000F, it was recommended to favorite Schopp and equipped, but I think that it is goods of a wonderful about that pure adoption is not carried out.
Although run about 15,000 km from wearing, still touch of connection etc. does not have no maintenance, either, aggressiveness influence can perform it without pain, and a handle also moves to right and left at a smooth.
Although a value is somewhat stretched rather than a pure stainless bearing, if there is an opportunity to exchange, wearing will be recommended quite strongly.