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KAWASAKI H2GT is a Full-Cowl Tourer with Three-Eyed Face!?


Expected CG KAWASAKI H2GT, Estimated announcement time: Fall 2017

The world’s first and only motorcycle with supercharger = H2.

It is likely that the tourer specification “H2GT” (tentative name of Young Machine) is being prepared as a 2018 model. Unlike H2, it is expected that it will appear in a totally different character with two-seater and a pannier case can be placed. This time, new information on style was brought to this magazine.

Will it be equipped with a new mechanism that good fuel economy can be expected?

First of all, it is about the appearance. The current H2 is a “Mono-eye” which placed the LED projector at the center, but the information source said that GT is “Three-Eyed”. This magazine speculates that “Does Kawasaki means practical application of patented “Cornering Light” in the US?”. This “Cornering Light” is a system advanced to the luxury tourer motorcycles. At the time of turning the motorcycle, the irradiation range of the headlight may deviate from the traveling direction and become narrower. However, “Cornering Light” can calculate the bank angle of the vehicle body. It is a high-tech system that automatically illuminates the direction of travel.

In Kawasaki’s patent, three small lights are arranged on each side, and lights sequentially from the top according to the inclination of the car body. In GT, while following the Mono-eye, it seems that it becomes “Three-Eyed” with “Cornering Light” of newly installed at both side. A sensor is indispensable for detecting the body posture, but H2 already has a 6-axis inertial sensor from the ’17 year model. Cornering lights can be easily mounted.

In addition, the source mentioned that large screen and full cowl will be adopted, and it will be possible to carry passengers. H2 is a one-seat specification with a low-slanted screen and a half cowl, but of course GT will surely increase the suitability for tourism.

Regarding the design as well, the information source said “It will be a luxurious atmosphere” against the edgy design of H2. There is a rumor that GT will be equipped with a next generation supercharger called “balanced type” and elegance cruising will be possible. Even in the design, its essence will be expressed. This magazine expects its presentation this fall. They would like to announce its marvel as soon as possible!

In June last year, a patent application on Kawasaki’s cornering light was made public in the US patent information. It is vertically arranged mini light × 3 on the left and right of “Mono-eye” reminiscent of H2 in the drawing.

The Intake Control Unit of a Balanced Supercharged Engine that was exhibited at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. It is a mechanism that controls the flow of air by opening and closing eight wings. A patent has also been filed.

The purpose of this mechanism is described as “a supercharger control system for a vehicle engine that can improve fuel economy”. The function is “an intake control valve (relief valve) that controls the inflow amount of intake air to the supercharger is places on the intake side of the supercharger. The intake air quantity control device of the control system of the turbocharger of the engine is “to control the intake control valve so as to decrease the intake amount when the predetermined output excess condition is satisfied”. When the power is sufficient, the part of the wings = the relief valve closes. Kawasaki is advocating not only power but also ecology in loading a supercharger in a motorcycle, which is the form that realized the latter. They can say that this is the best.

The first motorcycle with supercharge was the 2015 debut Ninja H2.The first generation had a silver mirror paint, ’16 model was glass flake,’ 17 was a carbon & silver mirror mat. The appearance has also evolved luxurious every year.According to sources, “2018 model is likely to produce an entry version of general paint”. It is unknown how much will it cost if mirror coat is rejected.

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE(*Japanese) ]

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