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Terbanyak Dilihat Peringkat 1 dari 134 Modeldi HONDA 126cc-250cc
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WirusWin Masker depan
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MADMAX Langkah Dewan
Water-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, single cylinder engine "eSP" which is superior in durability and quietness, fuel economy performance, to the stylish and high-class appearance which adopted LED for all lighting equipment such as headlights and taillights, Equipped with. In addition to setting clipper yellow of active impression with vivid coloring, set candy rosie red (two tone), poseidon black metallic (two tone) which applied two-tone body color that makes PCX better quality more prominent did. Two-tone body color is made more silverware by making the lower cover silver, besides applying a stripe with dynamic feeling to the body cover and two tone (black x gray) which treated red stitch Adopt seat. In addition, we arranged red on each part such as front brake caliper, rear suspension spring, front part Honda logo sticker, and are producing a sporty image.
Pemindahan 152 Jenis mesin KF18E/Water-cooled/4-stroke/Single Cylinder/OHC
Output Maksimum (ps) 14ps(10kw)/8500rpm Torsi Maksimum (kgf / m) 1.4kg・m(14N・m)/5000rpm
Berat Kendaraan (Berat Kering) 121(概算値) Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar liter 8

World Walk Adjustable SF Style Cermin

8mm正牙螺丝用转接座×2个 8mm逆牙螺丝用转接座×2个
10mm正牙螺丝用转接座×2个10mm逆牙螺丝用转接座×2个 合计8个都有附送
8mm Orthodontic Screw Adapter × 2 8mm Reverse Screw Adapter × 2...

KITACO Satu Set Power Drive Tipe X

I am mounting to LEAD 125, acceleration is good.Experience with OEMPulley when weighted the roller half and the same. It is the feeling that there is acceleration force of about.Because OEMPulley made a step with 20,000 kilos, if you change anything I tried to try it outside the company, I purchased...

NGK Iridium Plug CPR7EAIX-9 4848

Mr. NGK's from the new car with 10000 km runningI exchanged for Iridium plugs.Was the effect honest?I feel I feel better exhaust sound.It will be a Brush - Bo effect lolThe product itself is a good one.

World Walk PCX Layar panjang untuk PCX150

Item received yesterday from my office. Item safeley received in good condition. Installed to my Honda PCX 150 V2 2013.

BIKERS Stang Holder (1 Set 2pcs. )

Suitable for the new model MSX (MSX125SF). Easy to install. It is slightly smaller than the original handlebar holder but not a big issue.


Brought it to use better grip for brake lever and clutch. Not easy to install. During install need use some trick to put in lever. Comfort and nice looking

World Walk Adjustable SF Style Cermin

Standing, I broke OEM's Mirror, so I looked for something nice and tried for the time being.When I install it, it is a compatible model, but it can not be seen unless it is bent considerably.Unavoidably, Mirror's extension adapter (33mm) To Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Can I use it 2...

HONDA Windshield

PCX 150 of the previous type (KF18) I was on the OEM Long Shield, so I will compare it with that.I installed it by myself without asking Shop etc..First from the conclusion OEMShield for this New Model KF 30 was lower than the previous KF 18.Shield's vertical length is also a few centimeters sho...

ADVANCEPro Pusat Musim semi

It says 4%, but I think it is harder than that.Burial 2, 5% UP was also reasonable and too hard.This is something similar.I thought about compatibility with BearingSlider and I tried it, but I assumed that I was using itShould.It is ideal that the number of turns is small, but the hardness is too ha...

KIJIMA Satu Set Branch Harness ACC

I use it with CB 1100, but in the case of Headlight, Socket of Attachment power supply is prepared, and by connecting to it, I was able to take the power supply of electrical equipment.We are mainly connecting the power supply of T Brett and Cigar lighter socket.
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