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Terbanyak Dilihat Peringkat 3 dari 135 Modeldi HONDA -50cc
Merek terbaik
Produk terbaik
MADMAX Handle Posting
Suku Cadang Engine

Stang & Suku Cadang Area Stang
Suku Cadang Drive

Frame / Pelindung Frame
Suspensi / Rearset / Roda / Swingarm


Pemindahan 49 Jenis mesin Water-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
Output Maksimum (ps) 4.2PS/8,500rpm Torsi Maksimum (kgf / m) 0.41kgf・m/5,500rpm
Berat Kendaraan (Berat Kering) - Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar liter 4.8

World Walk Universal Besar Knuckle Garda

We installed the MRA Screen on the W650, but purchased it as a measure against the coldness of the fingertip. I tried running for about 30 minutes when the maximum temperature was around 10 degrees, but I ran enough in summer Gloves.

SOLID UP undercowl

우선 배송이 빨라 너무 마음에 듭니다 스피드한 배송에 놀랐습니다.
하지만 배송을 받아보고 약간 실망 스러웠습니다. 포장 상태가 불안했습니다.
그리고 개봉을 하니 기스가 여러군데 많이 나있습니다. 블랙펄 상태에서 기스가 나있어 약간 실망 했지만
배송이 빨라 모든게 커버가 됩니다 번창 하세요...

SOLID UP undercowl

빠른배송에 감사함을 느낌 하지만 배송박스를 개봉후 보니 부분부분 기스들이 존재합니다
마무리도 약간 미흡합니다
도색은 해야할듯 하며, 포장상태가 좀 별로 였습니다
그의외에는 모든것이 마음에 듭니다...

UPS TUNE Driven Kit [Type 2]

so~~~this item...good looks
i hope ~~~it's good item for my zoomer fi
may be... i will buy again another item in webike for my zoomer fi
speed up~~!!

Hunter Rendah & Narrow Cermin

Delivery was quick as expected. the build quality of the mirrors are excellent with premium grade aluminium.
it is easy to set with lock washers for the radial stem. no vibrations during the ride and excellent vision when set properly.

World Walk Adjustable SF Style Cermin

I bought it with Mirror exchange of the 2017 year Grom, but ...I installed Style fun and cool.The installation of the car body was installed snugly.It is only the ground that you can adjust the angle of Mirror.The angular width is small to turn it upwards, and I do not add it at all.For two days I w...

MADMAX Berlian Grip

Three months after installation, near the Grip end of Throttle was torn. To be sorry. Since it is not Pierced Type, I wonder if twist could not be absorbed..

MADMAX Z2 Cermin

The attached state is good, but Chatter is too much and I can not see anything Mirror if I try to drive. Unfortunately I gave it. It is a recommendation for those who place importance on the appearance.

World Walk Universal Besar Knuckle Garda

Previously I used Puppy 's Handlebar Cover, but I felt bothersome on desorption and hand - operated operation I bought a WorldWalk Knuckle guard. It is also solidly made, windshield effect is high and it can respond to sudden rain all seasons seems to be used. Just when the temperature was below...

unicar Benar-benar Waterproof Rain Melindungi Samp...

There is no problem with the Waterproof function even if it is used for 2 years, although the weight of the product is certainly heavy, on the contrary it can not be hit by a typhoon or the like, and it can be relieved.Depending on weather conditions, condensation may occur inside the rain or depend...

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