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Terbanyak Dilihat Peringkat 5 dari 54 Modeldi SUZUKI 401cc-750cc
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Dimotiv Kit lowdown
Produk terbaik
The V-Strom series has improved comfort as a sports adventure tourer, such as adopting a series common image design and enriching equipment.
"V-Strom 650 ABS" adopted new traction control.
A seat and fuel tank with a slim shape that realizes comfortable comfort and feet.
The fuel tank secures a large capacity of 20 L which realizes a longer cruising distance.
Functional liquid crystal meter panel that can display various information such as gear position, average fuel consumption, cruising distance and so on.
Newly adopted 12V accessory socket at the bottom of the panel to the 650cc model.
Pemindahan 645 Jenis mesin P515/Water-cooled/4-stroke/90-degrees V Twin/DOHC/4 Valve
Output Maksimum (ps) 69PS/ 8,800rpm Torsi Maksimum (kgf / m) 6.2kgf・m/ 6,500rpm
Berat Kendaraan (Berat Kering) - Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar liter 20L

DENSO Iridium Plug Power IU24

I used NGK's Iridium plugs which have different heat values ??so far.Because it was a single cylinder using about 10,000 kilometers, I was thinking about replacing it soon.Why you made it to DENSO is the price. It was simply easier than NGK, but the performance is outstanding.Engine rotation bec...

SUZUKI Knuckle Penutup

ABS塑料材质,安装固定的地方感觉不是很牢固,离合器部位的保护套需要更换,此护手价格比GIVI 便宜,所以性价比较高,如果护手安装固定方式能改进一下,使其能固定更加稳固,就更完美啦。车子必备装备之一,性价比之选。
ABS plastic material, the installation of a fixed place feeling is not very strong, the clutch parts of the protective sleeve need to be replaced, this guard price cheaper than the GIVI, so ...

SUZUKI Pusat Berdiri

The goods are packed well and the transport is not damaged at home. According to the drawings installed, very simple and convenient. The installation hole bit tight seam, very in place, ...


Cargo packaging is in place, although the process of transport, the external carton has been damaged, but the internal parts are als...

MORIWAKI Jenis Minyak Filler Cap Classic

Choice new product MORIWAKI Oil Filler Cap Classical type!As always the texture is MORIWAKI. Satisfaction is high with firm making.Incidentally, the O-ring is attached.


I thought it come in pair and come in one piece.
How to order another piece can Webike personal advise to get another piece

ODAX Jelas Blinker Lens Set

It is Recommendation because it seems definitely fearless if it is Body color of DARK type. (Orange colored Blinker floated with Gray's V St 650) I also thought that it might be OK even if WhiteLens for OEM diversion but this is Smoke and it is Large correct answer!.OEM It is the same shape and ...

SPHERE LIGHT LED Bulb RIZING H4 Hi / Lo untuk Moto...

It is cheerful that it does not become a thing compared to OEM! It is cheap if you get this view at this price. However, as for the LED, it seems that Rose attachment tends to occur at the irradiation angle of Light, and as soon as it was installed it was upright condition even for low, so we asked ...

PROTECH PROTECH Universal mirror XR-100

The making of the product itself is good.I misunderstood, but this item is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) 1pc. Instead of one set, 1 pc. It was only (Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Both.It seems to be an imported item from overseas, it took three weeks or more to reach after Order.

KIJIMA LED Blinker Kit

It installed in GSR 750.Because it is a special kit, you can purchase and install with confidence. It was a shame that I could not choose a Smoked lens, but it got better by a hundredfold Parenthesis better than a bad OEM.

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