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Terbanyak Dilihat Peringkat 2 dari 69 Modeldi YAMAHA 401cc-750cc
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K&H rantai Kasus
Produk terbaik
Suku Cadang Mesin

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Rangka / Pelindung
Suspensi / Rearset / Velg / Swingarm


Pemindahan 499 Jenis mesin 4-stroke/Air-cooled/SOHC/2 Valve
Output Maksimum (ps) 32ps(24kw)/6500rpm Torsi Maksimum (kgf / m) 3.7kg・m(36N・m)/5500rpm
Berat Kendaraan (Berat Kering) 153 Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar liter 12

BRISK RiskZC / ZSPlug [DR 14 ZC]

I tried replacing it from LGS. Idling is also stable soon, Torque coming from 3000 ~It seems to be addictive. However, in the original dark eyes Carburetor setting as LGS, the Plug suffered in about 2500 town strolling runs in the streets. It is because there is no electrode and the insulator is exp...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) Stem Taper Ba...

with Stages It is an exchange with the Stem bearing I made. Smooth is much higher than Ball bearing. Installation is easy if you type in the removed Bearing race

POSH NEO Klasik Suhu Minyak Gauge

I have tried many domestic brands, and I feel that the accuracy is not in line with the requirements of myself and the technicians. Therefore, I still have to pay for the brand of expensive goods...

GOODS Pipa Cahaya Bracket

GOODS Pipe Light Bracket good price.. Attachment was easy and the circumference of Wright felt it refreshed.
nice parts!

KITACO Gasket Knalpot Full System (1 Set/2 Pcs)

I purchased it because I replace Exhaust pipe.We have used all this up to now in exhaust pipe replacement.If possible, finish SIDE the same as OEM "Zara" And if you make me feel itit's the best.

DENSO Iridium Daya Plug IW20

YOSHIMURAtmr-mjn, Racing CDI, Hot wire, Exhaust System on SR 400 are riding in Peiton's Norton type Megaphone.Speaking of the king of Plug, NGK tends to be more popular than DENSO, but Normal plug ? Comparing NGKWindshield IRIDIUM, DENSOWindshield IRIDIUM, the first engine rotation is Smooth.Whe...

Peyton Place Lampiran Bar

I tried to buy it but it got rain wet about 3rd day and it got wet Rust has already spreadConveniently convenient It is convenient but if you devise it yourself, you can make something more durable and of better quality (Lol)

HURRICANE Teruskan Kontinental 1 Jenis Φ7 / 8-inci...

เป็นแฮนด์ที่หามานานในเมืองไทย แต่ไม่มีเลย มีโอกาสได้มาเจอในเวปนี้ สวยงามมากสำหรับแฮนด์รุ่นนี้ สั่งมาใส่แล้วจะกลับมารายงานอีกรอบครับ
This is a long hand in Thailand, but no chance to meet in this web. Very beautiful for this model. I will post back to report it offline.(translated by Google Translat...

AN-BU Kursi untuk SR

i was a bit worried that i was spending a lot of money and the seat might eventually not fit. all my worries were unfounded as you can see on the photo. a small pull-off - to mount the seat i needed to push the seat a bit apart, because the screw nuts were a little too close together.
for me the se...

OUTEX Batal Tubeless Kit

ESTRELLARS 'Wheel is slim in both front and back, coupled with the strength of the adhesive strength of Tape coupled with the strength of Tape' s bending, so it is difficult to fix it, so if you think it failed, cut it once again between Nipple and Nipple and paste it better. Please be aware...
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