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Terbanyak Dilihat Peringkat 5 dari 28 Modeldi YAMAHA 751cc-1000cc
Merek terbaik
Produk terbaik
SSK ekor Penutup
Produk terbaik
Suku Cadang Engine

Stang & Suku Cadang Area Stang
Suku Cadang Drive

Frame / Pelindung Frame
Suspensi / Rearset / Roda / Swingarm


With the concept of "High tech armed pure Sport" which embodies "circuit fastest" that can experience the thought of YZR-M1, with a focus on race participation and circuit running, it is a new true super sports model that allows riders to focus on running is there.
Color variations are two colors "Deep Purpose Blue Metallic C" and "Matt Dark Gray Metallic 6".
Pemindahan 998 Jenis mesin 4-stroke/Water-cooled/DOHC/4 Valve/Parallel 4-cylinder
Output Maksimum (ps) 200PS / 13,500r/min Torsi Maksimum (kgf / m) 11.5kgf.m / 11,500r/min
Berat Kendaraan (Berat Kering) - Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar liter 17

DRC Flasher Pemegang Plat

Its made out of aluminium compared to others common brands that are made out of plastic.
Anodized black for a stealthy look.
Able to tighten my indicator lights a little more due to it being metal.
Highly recommended.

DAYTONA Tinggi-Spec Jalur Brake Hose Tipe D

looks good works well, the fitting was 90 degrees out but twisted it to suit and it fits with ease. musch better feel than the old OEM hose.

Ladybird Brembo Rear Caliper Bracket Kit

I have been miss lead this item does not include calliper and the price charged is absolutely ridiculous ! a bracket essentially for inc import duties £345 never again when I looked at item again although there is a picture of calliper with bracket kit very miss-leading be careful

BikeMaster HAI. E. M. Penggantian cermin

Hey . I want to share my experience in using the purchased product - mirror BikeMaster O. E. M. on YAMAHA R1 04-06. Since my mirror suffered in the accident, I decided to find a replacement for him. They turned out to be a mirror of BikeMaster O. E. M.. This is a good replacement for the original mi...

YAMAHA Roller Protector

It was easy to install by simply removing Cowl.It protrudes like I firmly claimed from Cowl.I think that I will protect you securely in case of emergency.

World Walk pembawa Universal

Purchase motive- I would like to put some luggage at MT-07. I want to use the existing BOX. I want to put a helmet in a keyed place. It is a motivation that I do not want to worry about luggage when it's raining.Reason for making this item- The dedicated Carrier sold for loading MT - 07 's l...

nao Rear Fender & Rantai Kasus

I bought this one that Fender seems to be the longest because I like a little longer Fender when I am concerned about muds and gravels with OEM's short Fender.I think that it is good to reduce the shape, mud stone splash.The painting of Clear is sloppy Is it a bubble? There was and it repainted....

DAYTONA Tiriskan Bolt Gasket

Oil I replaced it at the time of replacement and had not tightened up nearly a yearIt was not loose at all.I think that it is not Date that I attach various things.

DENSO Iridium Racing Plug IU01-27

일단 배송에 대한 칭찬부터 하고 싶군요.
요 작은 녀석이 배송되기 위해 매우 튼튼한 박스에 담겨 왔습니다.
또한 작은 충격방지용 신문지들에 둘러 쌓여,
처음에는 어디 있는지 유심히 찾아봐야했죠....

BRISK Risiko LGSPlug

i use brisk aor12lgs in my yamaha nmax 155cc with full racing coil, cable and racing plug cap. along with ferrox racing air filter and premium fuel they make a harmonic combination, my bike feels agile and light especially at stop and go situation. can't feel any week point throughout all rpm range....

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