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Wire Injector Webike Garage
diposting Jan 10, 2018

It does it's job

Oleh Anonymous (1)DariSingapore

*can't compare it to the motion pro ones as I never tried using theirs. but I'm sure it's very similar from the looks of the design.
Anyways, the device seems to fit nicely onto the clutch cable I tried it on. Doesn't have a super tight seal but it does its job getting most of the lube in. Overall, it works well. Great bang for the buck.

9.5sq. Ratchet Handlebar KTC
diposting Jan 7, 2018

Large Easy to use

Oleh Japan User(translated) (155223)DariJapan

Familiar with Size being appropriate. It is reliable use feeling. It's safe because Socket will not fall. I am loading in Box in Motorcycle.

Spring Hook Webike Garage
diposting Jan 7, 2018

Is not it cheap?

Oleh Japan User(translated) (155223)DariJapan

SpringQuantity : 2pc I tried to pull it as I tried to wear it. I wonder if I used to buy it again if it was 30 yen. Using Point.

Optimate 4-Dual TECMATE
diposting Jan 7, 2018

It is imported goods so

Oleh Japan User(translated) (155223)DariJapan

As it is a weekend Rider, depending on the weather and circumstances, it is often good to have more than two weeks. I was worried about rising Battery, but I'm relieved after wearing this.Dissatisfied because the code is short (Option products are too long to be suitable for installation) , Because it is not possible to install around the Meter...

Lock Nut Wrench MINIMOTO
fits: HONDA Initial type Grom / MSX125 (MSX125D)
  • HONDA Initial type Grom / MSX125 (MSX125D)
diposting Jan 7, 2018


Oleh Anonymous (6)DariAustralia

The MINIMOTO Lock Nut Wrench is the first part/tool you should buy if you intend to do any workbehind the right crankcase cover. Don't start work without the Lock Nut Wrench. It fits the GROM clutch and oil filter lock nuts perfectly. I used it for Oil Pump upgrade, Oil filter upgrade and Clutch (to Slipper) upgrade. Buy it before, you start ...

Brake Lock Webike Garage
diposting Jan 3, 2018


Oleh Anonymous (24)DariHong Kong

Simple structure, useful to hold the car during maintenance.
The price is not expensive.
It fit for my ninja 300....

Compact Jump Starter DAYTONA
diposting Jan 3, 2018

Even if you turn off the power of all th...

Oleh Japan User(translated) (155223)DariJapan

Even if you turn off the power of all the Roux lamp during charging, it remains. I bought it for JumpStart, but as mentioned above, there is no Output even if it is plugged into the USB connector. I kept it in Case in almost unused state, but I am surprised by sudden breakdown.

Plug Wrench KTC
diposting Jan 3, 2018

The thing itself is not bad

Oleh Japan User(translated) (155223)DariJapan

CBR600RR I bought it with the plug-in replacement of 2013, but since the thicker one of the plug wrench is bigger than the hole of the plug and it does not reach the plug, I could not use it after all.

EZ Stand Helper ETHOS
fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
diposting Jan 2, 2018

Relief if available

Oleh Japan User(translated) (155223)DariJapan

Purchased for Maintenance of HORNET, it is certainly easier and more comfortable to apply RSTAND, but it seems that HORNET 's FTire is rather wide and it is difficult to put it down and it seems that stability is bad and it seems to be unstable, but for now it has no problem Since we can use it, I wonder if I should use it with caution in the f...

Asphalt Coat Wiring Protection Tube 7/16-Inches x1M Neofactory
diposting Jan 1, 2018

I stiff too much and can not handle ordi...

Oleh Japan User(translated) (155223)DariJapan

Harley 's Parts shop items, but it is difficult even to bend stiff. It looks like Mesh Tube, but it does not stretch at all. I thought about using it for Wiring but it became a Garbage.

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