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100% menawarkan kacamata goggle motocross premium, kacamata sport, sarung tangan dirt bike, dan perlengkapan sepeda gunung. Banyak pro rider MX memakai kacamata goggle dan sarung tangan motocross produksi 100%.

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Because Smoke is weaker than other Mirror Lens, only Lens seems to be concerned about the thinness of the Mirror effect, but actually when you put it in Goggles it is not even a panoramic view.

Pictures were taken indoors, but Mirror's effect appears more outdoors, making it difficult to see the back of Lens.

Since I will not change Lens in the weather and time zone, I love Blue Mirror except during midsummer day. It is not the same as Clear at night, but it looks better than Silver mirror.

The necessaries of full-power-izing!

This is a test.

Speaking of Tank Separated Type! - - - Wrist band! Wrist band is attached to Brake tank in Motorcycle when I am a teens again. I thought that it was a thing to wear on the Brake tank, not thinking of Band to be wrist at the time (Lol) Both cars and Motorcycle are Brake tanks wanting to wear the Wrist band!

About 5 years, I changed at OEM this time.
I think that there is not much problem at the time of Idling, but it seems to be noisy if it is a quiet residential area (It's natural because it's outside the company ...)
A low volume sounds until 4 thousand rotations, but when it goes beyond it, Race ish high treble sounds and it feels good!
However, as Engine sound also becomes Large, it is not suitable for people who want volume.
As a general review, correct answer.
There is no problem even if you ride with a pon!

Purchased for CBR 600 RR. Only for exclusive use, adjustment etc etc. No need at all. There is no sense of anxiety with Super Smooth when hanging or dropping. Parts attached to Swingarm are also included. This Recommendation.

Rain taste Because it is not riding Motorcycle, I do not know the performance, but there is only popular Manufacturer, Design is good and Fit feeling is also good!

Lens can also be easily changed. I changed to Mirror Lens but the visibility is good!

I bought Orange, but Color is rich and bright Design Helmet (Blue & Green Light of myself) It fits well.. Band is also solid, and Fit feeling is also good. I did not mind clouds and so on, and Frame's Cushion was also sufficient and there was no sense of incompatibility, so I think that it is good for performance. Since this design is also quite good with Porch, there is no problem even carrying it in Backpack etc..