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Repsol is a public energy company in Spain, located in Madrid, is a producer of gas and electricity, a company with a high financial stability, with a total value of over 64,000 million euros, with offices in 40 countries around the world. With a total of more than 20,000 employees, we have our own rig all over the world. It is accepted worldwide that the base lubricant (base Our oil is the best and most pure from European oil refineries. Euro standard builders Lubrication technology Developed and proven by the world champion, Rape Seoul has accumulated over 20 years of knowledge and experience from GP competitions and the company's commitment to research and research at Repsol Technology Center in Madrid, thus making Sol Sol Brave to confirm in The quality and performance of the product is one element in winning the 6 world championships and continuing until 2016. We transfer these technologies and qualities to the products at Repo. supplied with REPSOL OIL THAILAND We build the stability of the company with international cooperation. By this cooperation Is a joint investment between 4 countries together to Lay the foundation of the company With the future and the most stable Especially for the industry Importing and distributing oil is very important for importing agents to be stable. Both financial and marketing For the trust of dealers Repsol Thailand was established in 2015 to import and distribute products. Under the brand name Repsol (Repsol), high quality products from Spain That the company imported to sell and market within Thailand All of which are high quality engine oils that meet the needs of motor vehicles, ranging from motorcycles, cars, trucks, as well as oils for machinery and special-purpose oils for integrated industries. More with a variety of other vehicle lubricants such as Out Board oil, including external maintenance products. Inside the car, both Bike care and car care

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