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It's just fitting from the usual Gloves, so there is no discomfort in the sense of operation. Since the cuffs are also long, you can put the sleeves of Wear. I think that a place that is thin and compact and easy to use is good.

There is a sense of safety and forest road Tsing Ring, bridge, best

Size feeling is also good Large change

Height is 172 Waist 79 chest 92

It is Bitashi.

Off, I bought it for the forest road, but it seems that it can be used also for Road to Ring

Phyto feeling is nice, I like the Gap ninode very much

【What made you decide the purchase?】 I wanted an Elbow guard to be Fit.
【How was it actually used?】 I do not feel much Fit.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】 Although it is a man of the two system system, since there is not much feeling of feeling, it may be good for those who like loose one or those with thick arms.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] It was better to a little more fit.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 Urethane inside broken. Although it may be useless as a matter of material, I do not feel so good.
【Have you compared items?】 RSThailand
[Others] Okay so it's cheap compared to other Manufacturer's items.

Usually Thailand Ji's Mesh jacket (Protector included) , Komine's Armored Top Top + Leather Jeans etc. I am wearing.
I bought this product without a sleeve because I want something that I can use a little easier for when I run on a hot day or a neighborhood ...
Comfortable to wear. Once closing the Fastener, there is a sense of security that the epoch will also be protected with Urethane. Urethane covers the flanks and shoulders, so I think that there is defensive power, although not as hard as Protector. And light.
Up to here it is good, but because of Urethane, it's hot to wear anyway. I overwhelmingly sweat than other Protector that I was using originally.
I gave up using in summer.
Characteristic warpage of Chest Protector also gently fits the body when taking a forward tilting posture and there is no discomfort during driving. Just go down Motorcycle and stand standing, Protector's Silhouette shines clearly even if you wear a regular casual wear from the top.
Although the season to use is limited, it is not bad as a whole.

Off Why did you buy this this time.
It is more secure than thick Pad in Jacket.
In fact, no morning moss.

I thought it was a pair and bought it, but I only bought half the legs so I could not do anything so I bought a pair of half legs. The weather was cloudy after rain on the next day, it was raining so I wore a leg cover before rain fell. Comfort is neither good nor bad nor ordinary. While riding Parapara It started to rain and the bike is a cruiser so both legs stick out forward and as soon as it rains, the bottom gets wet from the knees. Looking for things that can somehow cover this wetness, you can run without getting wet with the items you expected as a result of purchasing this. I also posted it before, but I think that this product will be sold in pairs instead of half-feet. I think that I will use it for the first time when using it, but how about it? I think that the color tone also goes well with jeans etc in two tone blue and black, but it seems to be a bit expensive in terms of price.

I bought it as a Protector for injury prevention due to falling of OffRoad course.
Although the item has a description of Free Size, I felt that I can not afford a little Size in my own pride.. You might choose a person to wear somewhat.
There was a feeling of Fit, because the slip was applied to the top and bottom of the lining, there was nothing to be Gap during driving.