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I attached with ZRX1200DAEG.
It is satisfied with bright pure white touch.
Since structure of a shade was just regarded as coarse, four stars were used.
It is recommended in total.

Waterproof property of this switch when it is brand new is very high and can be reliable enough, but unfortunately if you use it for a while, WaterproofRubber is not strong against so-called outdoor ultraviolet light of light fastness, so it is influenced by daily UV rays WaterproofRubber deteriorated and the mountain of Boots part of WaterproofRubber (valley) A crack will be broken little by little from the fold and it will be torn.

Especially mountain of Boots section of WaterproofRubber (valley) The folded part is on of Switch / I think that it is easy to rip because it is a place that moves frequently because it opens and closes during off operation.

I am Quantity of Daylight : Pair (for Left and Right) To switch this to Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) 1pc. I use it one by one..
After all, On / The one with more frequent use of Water was quick to split the Boots section of WaterproofRubber.

However, the mountain of the Boots department of that WaterproofRubber (valley) Even if the folded part was split and the rain or the like was inundated with the Switch, there was no electric leak especially and I was able to use it for about a year without any abnormality.

It seems that damage caused by flooding has accumulated if I used it for about 1 year while staying in a state of flooding, contact point of Switch etc etc. I got rusted and the Switch ceased to enter. (Do not energize. )

Although it is such a switch, normally it is very easy to use at normal time, the appearance is also Simple and the LED shines so it is Cool, in fact I like it very much.

I think that the price is somewhat expensive, but basically Switch and others are consumables so we think only if it will be replaced if it gets broken.

As this switch is pointing to deterioration of WaterproofRubber part, it is not easy to do TAB, receptacle to everyone, but even those who want to use even if it is not certain that it was written indeed. Please purchase on your know.

Usability and Parenthesis Goodness is the Level of Number one. (Personally I like Large love. )

When I do not ride the Motorcycle, I always use a thick, durable Bike Cover (About 10,000 yen) We were taking measures against weather and sunlight and ultraviolet rays, but still the WaterproofRubber part of this Switch had torn in about a month after installation.

Even at expensive Bike Cover excelling in weather resistance 4 years was the limit of exchange, so it may be unavoidable that WaterproofRubber of this Switch has a lifetime of one month.

Certainly, products that are superior in weather resistance and can maintain the durability of Waterproof Rubber for many years may be ideal, but with current technology and this price setting, the quality and durability of this Switch may be the technical limit Hmm.

Anyway, usability (Operability) And it looks simple and Parenthesis good (LED lit) So it is amazing to not mind that WaterproofRubber is ripping.

Again, I will not recommend this switch to everyone, but I think that if this Switch that I am installing is broken, I will purchase the same Switch and replace it.

I say.
As a matter of fact, I bought this switch with a certain Shop before and it was broken at last (ON impossible) Because I saved it, just because I found the same item with Webike, I bought it again and replaced it with a broken switch and it was repaired.

Actually, this item's Repeater. (4th haha)

I am satisfied with purchasing after understanding the bad part and the good part of this Switch well and I like it and I use it.

I really like to give ★ so I really want to improve future weather resistance Dynamic evaluation of the current ★ ★ ★ (3 stars) I declare it in.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Being WaterproofSwitch.
【How was it actually used?】 In the rain, I used it many times, but the problem has not occurred.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Because the shape of the switch is round, it was easy to make holes to install.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 In the attached Motorcycle there is Upper Cowl, inside it is an Inner cover. Material is a soft material of resin type, so after opening a small hole with Drill, I spread a hole to fit the Large size of Switch with Reamer. Switch has a patch on the circumference part, Switch does not rotate if notches are made according to the hole to be attached. There is also a patch for preventing slipping, so stop the Screw
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] No dissatisfaction at all.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell us if there are any improvement points】 I want the product to have Small mark on the Waterproof Cap's ON side in the Lineup.
【Have you compared items?】 There are no specific products.
[Others] Manufacturer not claiming Waterproof though it is a product to be attached to Motorcycle, closed to having many products.

It is brighter than OEMLight and looks also Parenthesis so it is installed. I forgot when I first bought it, but I have purchased this since I broke down this time and replaced it. Although the price is divided, it is durable and a sense of security is different.

Big scooter is not cheap because it costs the cost of desorption of Cowl, purchase this item with a certain amount of security fee included, and ask for installation on Motorcycle shop.

Since it ceased to illuminate half a year later, it was said that Ballast caused the incident to be investigated in the installed Shop.

When we contacted this situation with Support, you can use security, but answer that we will not bear the labor of detaching Ballast.

With this, I do not know what I bought a 88House product that is not Chinese made for what.

"LOUD H. I. D is by no means cheap. Although it says on the HP and so on but it is not cheap and quickly breaks down, it can be said to be outrageous luxury goods

I bought it to make it possible to turn on and off the ETC normally not used by the switch. Visibility is also good as it can be illuminated when on with LED.

Hazard's Switch I bought it for my own work.
It seemed that usability was good, so I bought it but it was as I thought. Since Size is bigger than I thought it is better to check dimensions well.

ETC and Navigation - Grip heater and radio said,
I bought it for the power supply switch of Attachment.
Red Switch is used for power supply Relay,
Blue Switch is used for power supply of each Attachment.
The advantage is that WaterproofSwitch with LED Lamp is cheap price,
It is a point that I could purchase.
I hope this will reduce the load of Battery.