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I am concerned about the fine Wound of the Meter panel and I wonder if there is something good
If you are looking for, this item has been Hit.

Originally it is like a Universal Product for home, so I tried using it while worrying about whether Large is durable
I could use it without problems for the transparent Meter panel.

It seems to be good for polishing the resin part of home appliances.

It is outstanding effect. If it is about a car wash scratch of a Plastic part, it becomes inconspicuous. Gloss comes out and it becomes very beautiful. It is easy to use without stickiness. Hebirote, so it is regrettable that if you dare say that the amount is small. I also use it for the car's Headlight lens, but it will be beautiful.

SmallWound has become conspicuous in Meter's Clear cover
I tried to buy it for a while.
I put a small amount on a soft cloth and it became Beauty when I brushed in a certain direction without much effort!

Because it seems that it can be used for Wond which is not so deep of Others resin Parts, I think that the range of use is quite wide.

Off Exterior Parts (Polypropylene) I used it for.
Since it is an old Motorcycle made in 1987, gloss does not return, but it got dirty as it was.
Just making the exterior a little Beauty really made it look good.
I recommend it because the capacity is also plentiful and the price is cheap.

I used it for Pillar part of Black gloss with Plastic, but clearly speaking, Compound function is almost none. However, the Small wound which I wanted to polish and drop was spectacularly hidden and glossy.
Just wipe quickly (* '▽' *) This is easy and good! It is the best as there is no hard work to polish.
I have not washed it yet, but even if I fall down with several car wash, re-construction is extremely easy. Moreover, like a polish, there is no failure !!
It seems to be quite possibly with one, but it seems better to buy it as it is likely to be used in many places.
I also tried TV's REMOTE CONTROLLER and furniture, but it is shiny and sticky. Strange. It was nice to meet you..

It has applied to the portion into which paint application of a frame has separated.
Although he wanted the thing of the pure color, since the goods here were quite cheap, this was bought.
Although the color itself differs from the color of a frame for a while, it seldom understands, and since the direction where paint application has separated is conspicuous, it uses ordinarily.
Moreover, it uses to make black stay etc. which were made from their original work.
It is better to have applied without making a ground, since it is troublesome, but to make a ground exactly, since it is very well easy to separate.
The one painted by it and spray is finished finely certainly.
But if he is asked which is easy, it is easy here positively.