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Since the tank pad with wide breadth was looked for, the tank pad of this a-tech was used.
The size was felt as about 90% of result for carbon.
However, it is dry carbon, and it is very beautiful and attachment is also easy.
It is satisfactory if PITTASHI is not expected to a tank 100%.
It will be *5 if OK is thought at about 80%.

It is used for 09CBR1000RR.
It fell the other day and the remains portion of welding and stand hook attaching part of the swing arm could be deleted, and it purchased in preparation for a future accident, already thinking that it is late.
Attachment is very easy.
It only fastens by a hexagon wrench.
For the very simple design, since it is not conspicuous, it is very pleasing.
A price is also handy and recommended.

ZRX1200DAEG is equipped.
Construction material chose plain weave carbon.
Although wearing of this product was not considered at the beginning of motorcycle purchase, since there was a tendency for a small wound to be easily attached to a tank because the characteristics of body color or how to ride was bad, it equipped with the broad type tank pad made from A-TECH.
what the result was very beautiful as this tank pad was manufactured by the handmade, but I purchased -- an appearance top and right and left -- it being asymmetrical and being related with accuracy -- those with difficulty -- it is -- it was the said touch.
I corrected till the satisfactory place using scissors and a file, before attaching.
There was no problem in particular about the attachment size and form over a tank.
A mounting arrangement can be well pasted up, if the double-stick tape stuck on the pad inner side outer circumference is turned over little by little, assigning a pad as it is in an instruction manual.
In particular, there is also no crevice and it was able to stick finely.
Finally, according to a body design, a gold line tape is stuck and it completes (the line tape has been removed in several days after all.).
.) -- since it is broad, it will be a little conspicuous, but in a meaning called tank protection, it is perfect perfect functionally.
Although there is no telling till when it can use, by suntan etc., since a price is also reasonable, it is satisfied.
although it is urethane-clear-coating recommendation with the instruction manual notation, when a manufacturer is asked, I have you explain carefully -- the present state -- even when -- it is satisfactory -- it is -- since it was things, it equipped as it is.

A screw hole is also exactly and [Webike-monitor] attachment of it was completed simply.
Nonchalant blue is pleasing.

Purchase Dry carbon twill type. The difference between NORMALCarbon and Dry carbon was not understood from HP of Manufacturer, but we made arrangements with Manufacturer in advance, but we immediately responded and was able to check the contents of the product. Radiator hood cover of MODEL 's DAEG in 2015 was a slightly flashy impression with a Plating part, but it was satisfying because it got a calm impression by wearing. [Color] Clear paint finish is also beautiful.
However, I had some difficulty in wearing it. The hole on the bottom side of the Hood was slightly smaller than the protruding part of the coupling part with the Radiator, and it was necessary to finely adjust the tuning by scraping by the File little by little, and so on.
The price is slightly high impression, but the atmosphere of my car is finished to my liking Large I'm strangely satisfied.

The shape follows the OEM and the difference is whether there is the stamp of "MV" at the tip of the Fender or not, so considering Cost, A - THEC 's product is enough. Adjustment of Bolt hole Size is required at the time of installation, but it is satisfactory to make firmly.

I purchased DAEG equipped for Full Exhaust System, FRP.
YOSHIMURAmachine bendedFull Exhaust System I installed it in a car, but the clearance between the exhaust manifold and Cowl is about 8 cm
I got free.
If it is Hand BentType instead of machine bended it may be reasonable Clearance.
For the convenience of the manufacturing process, the quality of Cowl itself seems to be made in tune, the matching part seems
It looks like it is broken.
I tried listening to Manufacturer inquiries, but that things will not break from there.
I seemed to be broken and that part was dented like Cord, so just in case Pate
Repair and the rear of Cowl was interfering with the Exhaust pipe so we cut it a bit and processed it.

In case of purchasing Z 900 RS, I got lost in Option main stand. The appearance is not good because the foot of STAND straddles the outside of the Exhaust System. I purchased this item by taking advantage of MaintenanceSTAND I was using with NINJA 2 Helmet50R. The function as Slider ??, in particular the Exhaust System side is obviously expected to be thin. It might be better to think only as Hook.