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Ulasan Produk A2 FORM

It was like this at the fitting time,

Although it can be installed without processing, there will be some space between Screen and Cowl.
Moreover, since there is not Gap prevention processing of fixed part of Mirror and Cowl in OEM, it is somewhat glossy.

In the condition that the OEM is out of stock, you will have to appreciate the fact that there is an Other Company Product that can be installed without processing.
If an OEM comes out, I will buy an OEM even if it is somewhat expensive.

since it does not seem to be able to buy a pure Screen --
-- in such meaning, it is kind for a minor Motorcycle.

However, a difficulty is two points. Since the paint application portion from
> back side has not been painted, you have to mask and apply by yourself. [
] Although it attached as it is since it was
, however trouble --

, next a feeling of a three-dimensional Fit are not quite satisfactory. Although
right and left are good, order does not suit and a delicate crevice is made between the
Headlights. although he thinks that he will be
hot Gun and a range which can be come out of and corrected --
-- since this is also troublesome, it does not do.

Individually satisfied with him, since Pons attachment is also satisfactory on
basic target, although it is not worrisome in the part which has ridden ordinarily and is not recommended to itself. [
] [ who can do neither processing nor paint application ]

It changed into the product made from A2 FORM from the pure Screen of FZR400RR. It is not many Double bubbles to the
latest SS but Replica-shaped [ of those days ]. A Protection when there is also no
distortion and it constructs is also satisfactory. Since Pons attachment also of the attachment can be carried out from an authentic positive one, it is dramatically easy.

It is a Screen which can carry out a Recommendation.

Since it was darker than a pure thing, the impression which
atmosphere changed and became smart was received! Since there is
> thickness of enough, I think that it is satisfactory.

A front view becomes tight considerably only by a screen becoming smoke.
However, about windscreen nature, it is as practically equal as an original manufacturer's product.
Although it tried to stick a smoked film on a pure screen once, the screen was curving and it did not clear up well.
Although it is slightly expensive, it is a recommend at those who want to improve appearance.

It has ridden on YAMAHA FZR250R'90.
Since the pure screen had deteriorated, it attached.
An orange is that it is in a color from the color of a photograph.
Compared with the original manufacturer's product, although it was a little thin, it was changeful to neither attachment nor windbreak performance.
How about considering [ the direction with the dissatisfaction of degradation and the color of pure preservation and transparency, etc. ] purchase?

The type of pure form was chosen! Attachment was also completed with PISHATSU in the just size.
It is satisfactory at the touch where the blue smoke color also settled down! w which is pleased with pure purer touch