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The converter of the LED Position of Y's gear attached from the time of purchase to BW 's 125 burned out and got OEM suddenly .... Although it was installed immediately, it is too sharp, as if the tofu light bulb. Even though I was just disappointed, it was twice as disappointing. When I was doing it, I knew that this product was available to Absolute who I am going to play all the time, I immediately exchanged it after coming to a store. No, I knew enough that HID is amazing, but never saying that the LED is amazing so far .... As a matter of course, it will not substitute for the head lamp, but at least it is impossible to look directly at the light source. Because the price is also cheap, if you think that your own Motoscycle Position is salty, please try it by all means. I am surprised ^ ^

Although I was using this high Kelvin before, I purchased it assuming night driving etc, the person who had attached before was cool with Blue color, but as in other impres , I think that this one is easy to see in the night driving. It is not good to exchange with OEM Type It is not good. It was Large strange to detach Wiring's Coupler for replacement.

It is natural that we purchased exclusive items for car models, but installation is considered different from other universal products.
Because manuals are stated firmly, I think that it will not get lost as long as there is nothing quite right.
Igniteretc. Equipment can also be installed where it does not take up space, so I think that less load is reduced under less Seat.

Durability is also evaluated in 3 years, but there is nothing wrong and light intensity is sufficiently bright compared with OEM.

High efficiency Halogen has hesitated to purchase because it has durability problem but I think that it was good to buy. With the shades as expected, of course, the road surface illuminates brighter than normal Halogen. The visibility of pedestrians and bicycles has also improved.
When turned off, the inside of Headlight looks Blue when viewed from the front.
"Two wheel Exclusive Design high anti shake Spec. Also expected.

It attached to Low beam of Z 800. It is the fourth purchase including the Motorcycle that I have gotten up to now. It happens to be the first high efficiency Valve is Absolute, then it will be Repeat. I still choose to be a reliable Brand and to surely realize the effect.
However, I have not tried other Manufacturers, so I do not know. I would like to brighten Headlight but I think that it is Exactly to those who do not need HID.

Previously used on the LO side, but since it turned LED, ported to HIBeam.
Absolute's Valve is quite different from regular Valve when looking at Filament. It looks sturdy ~ (@@)

Quantity on FORZA : Pair (for Left and Right) I installed it.. When lit, it glows yellow, but Valve looks Blue when it is not lit, such as when parked.
Although it is performance, it does not matter if you run at night with Semi-smoke, Light Smoke Shield of Full face attached. (Town ride. There are no street lights such as corners and danger like Corner) It is very helpful for commuting etc.
Since it is HalogenType, installation is easier than HID and LED. The price is also affordable, if OEMValve expires or is thinking about replacement it is a recommendation. Just durability will fall below OEMValve. It is also high efficiency Halogen's Demerit.
Although there is no brightness compared with HID and LED Light, I can recommend it based on the ease of replacing Valve, low price etc..

Color : I like Yellow lights and exchanged.
Although it is a new ADDRESS 110, it looks like NORMAL
It is a feeling that it got a little brighter in appearance.

It is gentle to the eyes, it is bright enough to be relieved.
Prices are a bit high so if you have durability
Is it okay? - - - 4 months No abnormality.