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I bought it for vehicle theft prevention.

When unlocking, if you release it so as not to give a shock, Alarm will not ring
If an impact is detected ? ? ?
Quite Large Known Neighborhood Nuisance Level Alarm Sounds. (Is this fine for crime prevention measures?)
Volume adjustment is not possible.
If I keep Maintenance from everyday and the key enters Smooth, I think that it will be like this.

I have never used it, but a special case for storing Body was attached.

First purchase with Brand name, locked the key at home at home after delivery of exciting doggy. I can not cancel it the next day. Key turns but lock does not break. As soon as the phone calls, the key vendor comes to disconnect the next day and the Motorcycle can move. I will not buy it again. By the way, I can not trust this Brand after seeing that it takes less than 3 minutes to cut with Thunder.

Alarm worked as soon as I pulled Lever slightly when I locked Brake lever and Disc Lock in the included Cable.
It's a bit heavy but I think that cospa is good because it is cheap in the Abs.

I also have a dedicated Case.

I have selected the one made by ABUS to change the key to a more rugged one as the new Motorcycle is new.

Struggling with a strong Chain lock, thinking for use on the trip Steel bar lock.
With GSX-S 750, it is about Compact size that can be stored under Seat if folded. Although it is a Compact, I think that its ruggedness is suitable for the price, far exceeding the cheapest Chain lock.

Also, my vehicle may not be able to handle Handlebar Lock due to the height of the Side Stand End, in which case I try to wear this key.

Since the tank pad with wide breadth was looked for, the tank pad of this a-tech was used.
The size was felt as about 90% of result for carbon.
However, it is dry carbon, and it is very beautiful and attachment is also easy.
It is satisfactory if PITTASHI is not expected to a tank 100%.
It will be *5 if OK is thought at about 80%.

ZRX1200DAEG is equipped.
Construction material chose plain weave carbon.
Although wearing of this product was not considered at the beginning of motorcycle purchase, since there was a tendency for a small wound to be easily attached to a tank because the characteristics of body color or how to ride was bad, it equipped with the broad type tank pad made from A-TECH.
what the result was very beautiful as this tank pad was manufactured by the handmade, but I purchased -- an appearance top and right and left -- it being asymmetrical and being related with accuracy -- those with difficulty -- it is -- it was the said touch.
I corrected till the satisfactory place using scissors and a file, before attaching.
There was no problem in particular about the attachment size and form over a tank.
A mounting arrangement can be well pasted up, if the double-stick tape stuck on the pad inner side outer circumference is turned over little by little, assigning a pad as it is in an instruction manual.
In particular, there is also no crevice and it was able to stick finely.
Finally, according to a body design, a gold line tape is stuck and it completes (the line tape has been removed in several days after all.).
.) -- since it is broad, it will be a little conspicuous, but in a meaning called tank protection, it is perfect perfect functionally.
Although there is no telling till when it can use, by suntan etc., since a price is also reasonable, it is satisfied.
although it is urethane-clear-coating recommendation with the instruction manual notation, when a manufacturer is asked, I have you explain carefully -- the present state -- even when -- it is satisfactory -- it is -- since it was things, it equipped as it is.

A screw hole is also exactly and [Webike-monitor] attachment of it was completed simply.
Nonchalant blue is pleasing.

After all it is feeling like Handmade. The point which made me think is? The painting is flat so so so. There are dirty places when changing the angle. I wiped it but I felt it was shipping with something attached. R part is lined (White Ino) There is a part that is visible. ? In order to fit the tail lamp of S1000RR, Cowl side needs to be processed with File. ? Seat Size does not match with the back side. Screw 6 out of 6 Quantity : 2 pc not attached.
Even if you do observe it, you can remove it and send it back.