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AC Performance Line

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It is made required and is sufficient engine performance.
Although various Brando has, aren't the engine performance and cost performance the best?
although a hose is a product made from aluminum which is a product made from a good ridge, which carries out and in which fitting is somewhat uncertain -- necessity -- it is enough.
Although reduction in cost can be seen to several places, it is not a part which influences the engine performance.
Is it a brake hose of connoisseur liking? When a difficulty fastens fitting, is it turning together probably because of the quality of a washer?
This is only only then regarded as Allais ?.
Anyhow, a major brand is too high although obscurity Brando, such as an auction, is disagreeable! The front wheel which is a super-recommend is using the Black & gold for a direction very.
Please refer to the direction which worries about a color.

Fitting is the highest by the design only for a vehicle type.
Texture is also very best.

Since it is sold at according to vehicle type, it is natural, but since the appearance which was a cinch is also good, conformity gets used to the feeling carried out custom.

pure, although the kana ?? grip cost which surely the direct feel increased about the function is also delicate -- it decreased more!! Rather than anything. [ increase and ]
Kougami of a visual!! a yellow spice is effective against the combination of a blue red smoked hose, and it is delicious -- ~~~!! (YO~~ which can be used for K8 skywave (burgman) type M)

AC is cheap and its design is good.
There is elegance only for a vehicle type and it can purchase in comfort.
If it is the elegance only for a vehicle type since direction and angle of the portion of blue differ from each other, respectively, it is not necessary to make a mistake and purchase.
It compares that the rear exchange is purer than front exchange, and performance difference comes out.
Good touch! An authentic positive one was BUYOBUYO, so that it could not run, if he had no exchange at the time of a vario.
It seems that there is performance difference of being pure, considerably by a vehicle type.
Probably, exchange should be carried out since the appearance of a motorcycle changes entirely rather than anything (being an order set)!

Calah ? .... It is good! Nisshin master (normal is brembo) + race pad + brake line = it is effective! It stops!

It exchanged for the pure brake hose at the time of the brakes caliper OH.
The effect of the stainless mesh hose has been felt after exchange.
Since it was a simple motorcycle, blue x red and a smoked hose were used.
I think that there may be not only functionality but the dress-up effect up.

It attached to the ape.
It is very much good touch.