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good material, soft compound....

good quality, soft material for excelent handle...

I changed my badness of OEMTank cap and replaced it.. The color is BlackRed. When stopping, I think that you will get a sense of satisfaction because it is a Parts that always enters sight. Because refueling is also unnecessary for keys, it is comfortable and practical. The price is expensive, but recommended parts. The dissatisfaction point is Emblem pasted Seal, cheap places ,,,

Although it has an appearance, it is good that you can open and close Tank cap without using Key.
However, in ordinary STAND, it is troubled that it is necessary to have Cap during refueling, and Self does not have a place for Cap.
Although it attached also in the previous Motorcycle, the child's troubles became Neck It stayed without attaching so far, but we bought it because the product Big provided cheaply.
Satisfaction is high as it looks like running while you are running with Race ish.

I exchanged the Clutch side before and bought it as well as the Brake side. Although looks and textures are good, I think that this price is Lever. It's Manufactured in Italy so I can endure there ...

For Race parts, Clutch Wire's play adjustment stage is miscellaneous and adjusted If it is only Screw, it will be either panpan or dardal. After all it was finally a little dissatisfied because it was an adjustment on the engine side but overall I like it.

The OEM's Lever was far and hard, but it certainly got 25% or more easier to replace the Clutch operation.
As a struggle when exchanging, electric Wiring (I am not good at it) And Clutch Wire 's Length was Limit Once I removed the Adjuster of Clutch Wire whose Right Side is at the foot, I managed to wire it.
The clutch holder of the OEM took time and effort because it could not come off without pulling out the Grip.

I made it lighter to open it with a key when refueling, for weight reduction and appearance Up.
I am refueling always with Gasoline Carrying Can, so it is not too bad, but since the filler neck will be narrow, I think that it will be hard to see inside the Fuel Tank when refueling with STAND.
Well RSV 4 is NORMAL and the filler neck is narrow - - -

After we finished installing, we measured how light it was, it was STD 234 g Akosat 99 g.