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In equipping SEROW 250, it wavered [ An original manufacturer's product and which is used? ], but I use an acerbis as a result and think that he was Satoru Taisho.
The design was also able to regard part precision as the product made from an italy truly with it being almost satisfactory.
However, it is as anxious as whether the hose itself is damaged by there being almost no gap with a brake hose at the time of a fall.
However, it is although it may be not thinking not much seriously since it will be thought that a knuckle guard and a brake lever move similarly when it falls if it considers well .....

It attached to Zep750 as a measure against protection against the cold.
Since my motorcycle was already exchanged for a general-purpose handle, it was able to be attached by attached metal fittings.
I think that the conformity check of the diameter of a screw is required in the case of the pure handle which carries out the screw stop of the bar end.
Or and a portion is whether to exchange for the general-purpose handle of a cave.
Incidentally the diameter of an attachment bolt of an end part is Mxx.
Since I thought that there were also many directions which conformity (interference) worries, the photograph from a top was carried.
Although the brake side was exchanged for the radial master of Nissin and the clutch side was exchanged for the wire type hachis of AKOSATTO, it was able to attach satisfactorily especially.
Moreover, there is also no interference with a cowl (AR breaker).
Since it cannot say that it is completely calm about the protection-against-the-cold (protection against wind) effect since the area covered as appearance is small, but a hit of a wind can soften, it becomes comfort (comfortable) fairly.
although operative verification of a severe winter term has room for improvement -- the combined use with a winter glove -- the rudder of a fingertip -- seeing -- it is hoped that it may be eased.
Supposing it mentions negative implications, even if finishing (texture) of what has a strong configuration takes the average and the charge of ideas into consideration, it will just be going to be seemed that this price setting is high by it.
The rest is that handle width spreads.
Cautions are required in contacting neither other vehicles nor an obstruction.
if there is merely this frame part -- a commercial size -- I think that it also becomes a base when attaching a knuckle visor [ for the first time in ].
Many things were taken into consideration and the hit was made evaluation of three stars.
If it inquires towards a winter season, how is it?

Although adaptation is '15 years', it can be used even in '12 year.
People with sharp looking at the image may notice, but Nut of Front sprocket is different from '12 year made, but this has been exchanged for '14 Shaft Output Shaft.
So Frame is definitely made in '12 year.

Another one to KLX ZETAMaterial : I am using Aluminum's Guard.
When it rubs it becomes Buffing cookie and Boots become black
Because it is a plain thing of the board Gold just like Design
Material : I longed for Plastic's designed one.
Although the PRO players often watch using Sticker Type's anti-slip
I think that this is probably the most functional considering the thickness.
However, as you actually use this product, there is little sense of incongruity when Knee grip
I think that there is no problem as a function.
However, regarding installation,
I use one part of Rear brake master part
I fixed the Tie Wrap to another place like the image.
I have to relax the Bolt of MASTER and pass it through, but I am anxious that I changed it to this way.
Because the body is made in 12 years and its shape is different, it does not mean this.

Z ● Since the Disk guard made by TA was broken, it returned to this product which was used by another car before that.
However, because it is not translated by oneself, I do not know how it broke with what I said, but it was cracking at the bottom of the Caliper and it was not that I was torn off when I saw the damaged part It was a GizaGiza like damage expressed in manga, not linearly broken.
When wearing it in other cars, when shaping this product of acerbis with Cutter Knife etc., I thought that flexibility and hardness are optimal because it was very sticky and needed to shave.

As the temperature in the morning came down, I tried running Spoiler which I was putting forward but I feel the wind at the back of my hand and my fingertip so close the Slit in the lower half with a Cutting sheet and put 2 Body attached Screw holes I tried to make it inside and below.
Hand guard body will be upwards shape.
In this way it seems that the wind that hit is much less.
Just like Handlebar Cover, since the wind is supposed to hit, I think that it is important to look very much.

I chose Open Type as 70% of appearance and 30% of wind blowing purpose.
I think that there is no strength when falling.
Instructions were not attached, only a picture to Package, but the structure was simple, so I could install it for beginners.
I tried on the condition without Spoiler and tried it without Gloves.
Sometimes it is installed at a lower level, the fingertips holding the Handlebar are no longer hit by the wind, but the wind hits the back of the hand.
I will give it a try if I add Spoiler when it becomes colder a little more.

Carbon fork guard was broken or drilled, so I made it here.
I think that it will not be torn by a little thing because there is thickness.
ACERBIS has long been a reliable ItalianParts.

I bought it for Knee protector of for Off-Road.
Actually I wanted Knee Shin guard, but I gave it up so high.

Although it is not Knee Shin guard, I was looking for something that has high defense ability, but it is easy to move but also Off-roadPants and Boots are easy to wear.

There is a large cover that covers from the sune to the knee but it is very light.
I think that it is light because Material is thin.
Because of this thinness, you can wear off-road pants.
The part where the Off-road boots and the snakes overlap was also no problem.

Size : Free, so I was anxious about Size feeling, but I rather did Exactly Fit.
Rubber belt to fix to the foot is stepless adjustment, there is room in length.
I think that the allowable range of foot thickness is quite wide.

There are 3 Belt and tighten in 3 places: thighs, calves and snakes.
The tip of Belt is a hook, and it hooks it in the hole on Protector side.
It was a simple mechanism, but it was hard to come off and never got out of the 8-hour Race.
When I really want to remove it is a bit of a mess, but it is better than going off while driving (Lol)

The attraction of the most Large is the extent of the range of motion of the knee joint.
The joint will bend smoothly without a stress, and in Large rock and stone it will bend deep enough that the sitting seat can be done.
It is very easy to move when walking the venue.
Even when trying to bend in the inverse joint direction, Protector's convexity and concavity overlap each other to act as Stopper, and it will not bend.
It seems that it is not as strong a counter-joint prevention effect as Knee Shin guard, but this is safe.

Until now I've been loving four kinds of knee Protector, but for now it is the best Knee protector.