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ACP menawarkan sparepart motor untuk motor naked seperti ZEPHYR400, Z400, CBX400F, dan lain-lain. Produk-produk ACP adalah berupa bodywork dan lampu yang dijual dengan harga terjangkau.

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Windshield, does what it was made to do and looks cool doing it. Installation was easy and straight forward, Doesn't come with directions.

This is a great quality windshield from ACP, It looks very well made and was easy to install, The worded instructions are in Japanese but don't let this put you off as there is a superb diagram showing how it fits and includes a clear parts list Thank You Web!ke for good service

APE's Z Spec that I bought in second hand. I am on board. Because the position of Tail cowl and Tail lamp did not match until now, Cowl was held with Tying Band, but it was possible to install it exactly with this product.
However, depending on the shape of Tail cowl it may not work as it is written in other impres,

Making is somewhat rough, but it is a good product when considered from the price
In fact there was no Red Reflector with an outer diameter of 60 cm and even if I ordered from the Parts List of GS 1000 S, I gave up because the Yellow color arrived but I found it by chance and immediately bought it

Yahoo! Auction etc. But occasionally I sell Red Reflector but I do not have Size or much less much for GS 1000 S
Those who adhere to OEM I think that it is better to avoid those who stick to quality
I think that there are many people who want to turn it to other parts rather than expensive gold to say so privately But it seems to be a good part for anyone who says so
Personally I'm satisfied with Large

I think that this product looks good as well as make and weight feeling is good. Installation is easy and OEM is 3 Screws, but this part is ScrewQuantity : It is 2 pc stop. I thought that it would have been better if the back was slightly lower if there was one dissatisfaction.

I removed OEM's Fender and installed my own Aluminum Mud Guard but it is purchasing to refresh the Tail lamp. Because it is Exclusive Design, precision such as Bolt position is perfect, but other Company Product is for Style emphasis or stair emphasis compared to OEM Product It is necessary to take measures against rain.
Spec. I think the appearance also became lighter as the Tail lamp can move.

This is one of the best purchases on webike so far. I have just bought another one. The shield is smaller compared to the others in this style and fits well on a smaller motorcycle like my Suzuki Vanvan and fits as well larger bikes as a flyscreen. One notable feature is the metallic net inside of the plastic shield that's very shiny and attract people's attention. Everyone wants to come ask where you got it from and it certainly makes your classic bike look and feel more expensive. Totally recommend!

It is typical of cheap worst.
It will function as a Blinker.

The screws in the Lens section use coarse objects like ConcreteScrew and WaterproofPacking is Sponge.
Plating too ,,,

Petty look crappy, Motorcycle's "Ripro" The purpose of use is questionable.

I did not complain about Valve and Lens, so I use that much. That's all.