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ADVANCE Pro merupakan produsen yang khusus memproduksi sparepart untuk motor mini seperti MONKEY dan GORILLA. ADVANCE Pro juga menyediakan aksesoris dan sparepart untuk skuter seperti CYGNUS X, ADDRESS V125 dan motor terkenal lainnya.

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Obviously I will take on the OEM Product.
Pickup fell better than NORMAL.

It would be better to think as for Repair.

To CYGNUS of 4th MODEL type 2.

I also liked the OEM Product, but purchase here because I do not have to worry about the mounting direction.

The price is also cheap and COSPA is also very good.

When installing it is not troublesome to have no direction of installation.

I think that price is 6 pieces and this price is COSPA.

I do not know because the durability is just installed.

Better response, gripper than OE, but when load more than 2-3 people still little slip. Now i try another and had a little better performance.

It says 4%, but I think it is harder than that.

Burial 2, 5% UP was also reasonable and too hard.

This is something similar.

I thought about compatibility with BearingSlider and I tried it, but I assumed that I was using it

It is ideal that the number of turns is small, but the hardness is too hard, it does not open and the maximum speed is sacrificed.
The slow speed is better to some extent harder but at the highest speed it will rather get in the way.

Spring of TAKEGAWA was ideal because it got softer than the OEM at the point where it contracted, but it was bad compatibility with Bearing Slider because of the large number of turns.

I expected that it could be solved with this product but it was impossible.

I know that the ideal in the first place is incompatible because it is soft and hard at the beginning w

Well ~ If you place emphasis on starting acceleration, it will be a problem item.

Instruction Manual is easy to understand, but there was Wiring to take power from Battery to stabilize the voltage, and a bit of hardship. You can work if you remove Cover at feet you remove at Plug replacement and BOX under Seat.
I expect that combustion efficiency will increase and fuel efficiency will be improved.

Compared with OEM Parts, apparently the Coil part is large and heavy..
Is it an effect? - - - Idling seemed to be stable - - - ?

Plug cord is a bit long, hits Cover, so I am worried that it rubs and hurts.

Very hard when plugging into the Plug
I did not stick straight unless I inserted it straight
Plug cap is not closed cleanly.
Startability got worse than OEM.
Even if you return it, it will be kept waiting for many days until you receive a reply of OK
It was very troublesome so I decided to return it to OEM.
I will never buy the items of this company again.