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Fit perfectly to my rear shock absorbers. And looks good too. Reasonable price and good quality stickers. Kudos to Webike for variety range of stickers choice.

This is a great product. I am relieved to use it, it gives me a sense of security on the road, the track. I really like it, thanks Webike for bringing it to me.

I bought it for MAGNI SPORT 1200s which is equipped with suspension for Inazuma at the time of shipment.
Building is extremely polite up to every part. Something to install even for exclusive items "?" I feel that it is different from overseas Manufacturer which often requires refurbishment.
The factory setting was a very hard impression for me with a weight of around 60 kilos, but after reviewing each setting, I tried running-in running and did a very good way of moving.

Advantage's response is also quick, polite and good impression.

If raising a fault ... ... this is unavoidable, but due to the OEM ratio 10 mm Long, Chain slider can be cut to some extent.
Also, in the case of vehicles that have changed the Sprocket number, there may be times when some modification including Piece stuffing and Piece additions is required for installation.

Suspension can be advised enough if you consider the goodness of performance and correspondence even if you subtract these drawbacks.

It is the best match for Yamaha's 83mm Pitch vehicle.
Because Brake Pads will be for TZ, STREET
Although there are many things for Circuit than for the purpose,
I want a vehicle that is not currently on sale so I want it
Pad is not available right now.

Purchased as Clutch felt as thought it came. Fewer than OEM Clutch is tightly but Fei Ring that is heavy is the best. Even if you use it like running Clutch while driving you know the connection is Well. Even when I want to raise the Front a bit, I will react well. Demerit is about a little heavy Clutch. The rest is durable. I am satisfied with my attachment.

I attached it as a measure against heavy Clutch on GSX 750 KATANA 2 type. It became lighter by about 30%, and the sharpness became much better.
Total thickness of NORMAL's Friction plate and Clutch plate 36. 4 mm, 38. It was 0 mm but it was attached without problem.

It is an impulse of using for about half a year.
As a reason for attaching it, I bought it with the thought that I wanted to raise the control nature there because I felt a slip with a little outgoing connection at TMRcarburetor and a carburetor which is easy to get with a donkey.
Spec received speculative benefits. It is not so I do not really understand that, but still more than NORMAL
There is feeling that it connects tightly to spa. It is different from that of strengthening, but there was feeling that ease of handling will rise in either.
Spring is obviously hardening but on Lever operation it seems that the early season of grasping is a bit harder than NORMAL? (I think that it is solid) It feels like hardness that does not change completely from NORMAL if it grips even a little though it is about. The Plates also familiar well soon became familiar with the extent that it does not hurt, but I realized from 100 km after driving it that he showed us real power. I think that it is a product that you can use with confidence because I think there is no Spring material that I trust so much, like Spring also uses Valve Spring material.
I will set up the URL of the installation movie for the time being.
https : / / www. youtube. com / watch?v=ZY8Zsq9471I

The animation is divided in about 5 (^ ^;

Fee Ring at Clutch meat may be steep or slow.
However, if it comes to saying Cost performance, it may not be a product for all people.