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AGRAS releases aluminum parts such as top bridge, rear set kit and slider. Only a product of reliable quality has an extensive lineup

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铝合金的引擎支架,重量更轻,让车显得更加复古,就是预定时间长了点。 Aluminum alloy engine bracket, lighter weight, makes the car more retro. It's just that the booking time is a little longer.

It attaches and easy Cleaning is also easy. It sees and also says a sake.

Although attached to GSR400 2010 ... It is touch that an attached bolt is long and is not attached.
It is easy to be my mistake.

The color of the Slider is Black and it is separated from the car body, it is inconspicuous ... Good!
It is easier to install. (With instructions) ……good!
Accuracy is good so fitting well ... ... Good!

Because the body color is Black, I also made DURACON Black.
Coupled with Frame Slider, it's quite easy.
Of course, I would like to be unused ....

OEMNormal It will be heavier than step, but there is a high class feeling. There are individual differences between OEMBrake switch and usable, but it became a position that I am comfortable with myself.

In the Slider attached to CBR 250 RR
I came upon finding the thing that was attached at the front.

It is hard to understand with the picture of the product
Brackets are extending to Engine Mounting Bolt
It is a solid making.

The disadvantage is that the price is high
Because Engine Mount part of Right Side is out
Does it interfere with Cowl

Since the accompanying Sponge is attached, it is so bibi sound etc etc. I will not
Structurally, it becomes a matter of concern even if it becomes so.

I do not know because I have not tried Protection performance.

It is necessary to remove Cowl for installation
It is Large strange as it is.

Buy OEM Helmet lock because it was hard to use
I bought Aluminum BracketBlack, Helmet lockBlack but the body color is black and it is nice without noticeable at all.
BoltQuantity of Tandem Footpeg installation : It was easy to install because it just tightens with the supplied Bolt after removing 2pc and interrupting Body