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It is light, cheap and an outclassing.

In town riding, I feel I got up quickly.
Well, even if you open only the same, actually it is more open than OEM...
When I go to the pass, since Speed ??will ride faster than I expected, too much, unless I get used to it
Too much injury, scary thoughts a little (Lol)
It will be familiar to you if you run for a while, indeed I got used to it today all day.
But, I feel that bridging ping of Downshift has become easier.

First thing is to be able to maintain the NORMAL style

As for installation, HandlebarSW side was able to adjust only Throttle Wire's Pull Side.
As for Reverse Side, I could not finish even with intermediate adjustment, so I got about 5 mm play on the carburetor side
I locked in with the in Hemp palmk and fixed it

Used for GROM.
KITACO's SUPERThrottle purchased this without being satisfied with the opening degree.

KITACO37φ 8. 1%High Solo
This item 40. 3φ 15. 6%High Solo

Because it's universal it needs to be processed.
Because it hits Housing, I cut off the part to hang the product Throttle Wire, but I also need to cut a little Thailand co for Wire. Perhaps the Honda line usually does not?
Because I am HousingLimitSize, I think thailand never falls off.

Cospa is expensive as there is no need to replace the switch box.
The opening is also satisfactory, but it may be too high Solo for Honda Large type vehicles.

We purchased this because we did not have High Solo from other Manufacturer. There is an Instruction Manual for installation and it can be installed without difficulty. However, because it also depends on the maintenance Level, you should ask Motorcycle shop to ask the uneasy one.
Specifically, I think that there is no problem if you are able to make play adjustment of Accelerator Wire both Throttle side and carburetor side.
Even my own, depending on the type of car, there may be some surplus even if you shorten Reverse Side to the limit. If it is a negative pressure carburetor it is not important so it is good, but if it is a forced opening and closing it may die if you stick it, please take care.

Because it is necessary to grip Axel, I purchased it because I wanted to make it a little high Solo.
Because it interferes with the Switch box in the vicinity of fully closed Axel, SEA BASS machining the Switch box with reference to the photo of the older model car. Next, it seems that WireOuter is also interfering Processing of a little slender. Close to Axel closed is OK - - - I found it to interfere near Axel full opening and abandoned installation.
It was disappointing though I was hoping that the previous DJEBEL got a good effect.

Weight reduction of Bolt Body? Because of the strength of Bolt itself? The hole is Penetrating in the middle. Although it is the hole that is the key Penetrating hole, the center of the head is fitted, but the thread cutting part is CenterGap. Both 4 gaps, the price is also cheap, so there is no choice?

I do not use this Bolt for Brake relationship, I use it for Rear suspension attached Bolt of MONKEY's Long Swing Arm 16 cm.

1 in the suspension mounting hole of Arm. Attach 25 mm Recoil, install with Bolt of the product, Scoy mountain which jumped out, stop with WNut, Swingarm got to move lightly.

OEM footpeg worn because it became obsolete.

Although I have been in Kawasaki car for many years, it seems that there is a tendency for footpeg's Rubber's Downs to quickly get torn quickly, in common with successive cars (I think that there are problems with riding... ).
So, I found this product this time and tried installing it.

Just remove E Ring, remove Pin and Spring, replace footpeg and assemble it as it is, it is very easy.
The feeling of use, as stated in the singing phrase, has a direct feeling compared to OEM footpeg, but since there is no such thing as vibration and push-up feeling increases, it is quite good condition.

It is durable to leave, but since it is still used for only about a month, I can not say anything for now, but for the time being I have not noticed any noticeable problems.

NINJA250 is equipped!
It was a High throttle about a feeling truly.
Since there was no budget well, although luxury is not said, it considers that it is better to purchase an ordinary High throttle too.I think that it is good for how which the
budget twists.