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Although I felt sore at first it felt like there was a nice place while using while changing position slightly
Although I might be used to it, I felt that it would not hurt so much if I found my own position
I felt there was a reason for the effect

Shipped here in the Philippines for about 1 1/2 months. Very effective in preventing hair to be flattened by helmets weighing 2lbs or more. Though ir get's uncomfortable the longer the ride.

I think that my hair will not collapse and I will be fine. I bought it for Ladies and used it, but I did not need a hat.
RAM 3, RX 7 RR 5 Quantity : I set it so coolness also seemed to double.

I tried it with usual Course of round trip for about two hours. First of all, it seems that it seems to be slightly ricky because the position to which Cheek Pad hits is changed a little by entering one piece at the top of the head, but it seems that you will soon get accustomed. The season is September. Still in the hot weather at this season, if you run for 1 hour with Motorcycle, your hair will be petty with perspiration and heat, but after 2 hours it will be impossible to reoccur, but it has not gotten too far and there is still a sense of fluff on your hair and a surprise Was. I thought that it is quite different even if there is only a small gap of protrusions. But the problem is the feeling of use. Although it was also in the Impre of the other person, I became anxious if it began running 30 minutes after I did not mind at first, but it finally became painful. I felt that Large was durable because I felt it was touching with my hand
Ne. I think that I would like to use it for the time being, but I hope it hurts and hurts around me ....

Silicon needle stuck in my head when it does not get used it hurts - - -
Certainly, the hairstyle became difficult to crush, and it is quite nice as it is cool as the wind street becomes better.

However, needle hurts and it is painful - - - HelmetRim - Baana and Bandana, it is better to get one piece.
I feel it is meaningless because I get crushed when inserting one piece, but because the ventilation will be pretty good, it can be hard to make my head get stuffy.

I was adjusting it with Sponge which I have sold at home center etc. before, but it was not good.
I tried buying this and it was Gap or I could not steak and I'm grappling with good things..

If I was going to ride the Motorcycle for two hours, my hair was petty, but I used this, but almost none changed after wearing Helmet and after wearing it.
It is a very good item for me.
How long has this been afterwards. I will report this about it again later.

十分好的產品,這是我第二次購買airhead,airhead能夠合適我所有頭盔使用,airhead可以為我頭部帶來清涼的感覺,特別在夏天烈日當空下騎車的時候,如果有airhead的加持下,必定可為騎乘體驗添一分舒適感。 Good enough to produce - Products, Crawl me - Secondary purchase - airhead, airhe - ad capability Suitable for - for ownership - , airhead - 以 我 我 - Special - In the summer of the summer - Under the sky - Under the sky - Vehicular climate, - Rice possessing airhea - d Movement Under the - Required possible - 电  添 添 Sending feeling -