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Wheel I just get hopped by looking at it (≧ ∇ ≦)
I also thought about making GoldPaint, but it seems easy for Wound to attach with stones splashed in Paint, so Titanium color is not bad so I left it as NORMAL but it was Large correct answer ??
Before purchase I compared it with GP - 1S of GAILSPEED, but I think that Balance looks better than six Spoke than this one.
Since Front is the same as R1 up to 2014, it was unprocessed, but since Rear was not set up, only Hub damper was assembled in the home country.
Since I had it assembled by Shop, there is no comment about installation.
Since it is not an OEM product, it is more frequently indispensable to periodically check and exchange Parts.
But the external Wheel for Motorcycle is expensive (I will compare with four wheels ...)

Just brought up, finally purchasing Wheel.
Moreover, the new type of OZrACING.
Initially, after having troubled with domestically produced affordable Wheel, I decided to admire OZ!
However, it is expensive !!

At the moment when Wheel arrived at home and lifted the box, I was surprised by that lightness.
Normal wheel I never thought you had something I had "Oh!" I heard a voice.

Since Bearing is also attached, if you attach Tire and install Exclusive Sprocket, you just attach it to the car body.
Tire asked me to bring Wheel to a neighborhood Motorcycle supplies mass retail store.

It is incomprehensible to grin and feel immediately that the suspension rotation became light at the moment of mounting and running.
In Winding it is inevitable to feel the benefits of Wheel exchange is fun, but if you give up Demerit daringly, it will be slightly more flaught than NORMAL when driving at low speed and that signs are more strongly felt during Tandem driving I told you to be able to do.
Also, I think that it is better to first mention it as Glass coat because it uses very carefully that the Anodized Treatment of the Large feature will be injured so that it will not be scratched.

By the way, my car Z1000 (10) Weight difference from Normal wheel is 5. About 4 kg.
With ZEPHYR 1100 8. It seems that there is a difference of 3 kg, I realized the lightness of Aluminum Forged Wheel again.

Recommended Custom parts!

We exchanged Wheel, we were also considering other companies made, but introduced CATTIVA because there was opportunity to purchase at a relatively low price. Color is only Black 1 color.

Wheel itself is light enough to be lifted with a single finger, as well as OEM Product,
It is a high degree of completeness exceeding Aluminum forged products well. I like the design of 6 Spoke's also excellent.

The goodness of performance is dramatic enough to be experienced on the street ride, it naturally fell down when turning at the intersection,
Because it cuts beyond expectation, I was running while running lively in the beginning.
Sports Move is more fun than ever, I misunderstand that my arms inadvertently rose... (Lol)

OZ technology and Potential are the best! Because it is a high price item, I hesitate to purchase, but I think it is a very good product.

Finally finished with Parts I was interested in before
I replaced it with a new one. Motorcycle different from before installation
It seems to have become. Although I have not run much yet, I can make you feel that the mountain road will be fun.