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Much lighter than the stock exhaust, the sound is great. However, the exhaust at higher rpms in my opinion sounds a little subtle and somewhat similar to the stock. I tested this a few times by revving the bike itself, obviously when it was warm :) It's a good exhaust overall. Although i'm going to buy the R-77 Yoshimura too! The colour, carbon fiber, fits great on the YZF R3 dark blue. This was one of the reasons why i did not buy the steel colour as it did not look and blend with the looks of the bike itself. The set up of the new exhaust was simple, as it was a slip on. I am no expert on this field and i was able to fit this for the first time, mind you i am pretty uncoordinated haha. I absolutely love the Akrapovic exhaust comapared to the stock exhaust looks, the Akrapovic sticker really does make the exhaust stand out! My favourite part of this Akrapovic exhaust is when it is on idle RPMs, where there is a somewhat deep sound which just sounds much better, like i said i did not quite like the higher RPM sounds as i had expected. Maybe it was because of the engine sound? i am not too sure. The first time i was riding this bike after changing the exhaust was the subtle gain in acceleration when opening the throttle, not sure but i got this gut feeling that it was a little faster but i cannot confirm this. Honestly, i do not think that there is any part of this Akrapovic exhaust that needs improvement or that could have been done better, the sound, looks and weight is just much better than the stock. Was it worth the 800 australian dollars? maybe not.

The shipping is fast, the part is genius part, but it not fit the Titanium version. This part should fit only Titanium/Carbon Fiber version. Akrapovic or retailers should note it. I am not sure how I can return it since I live in USA. But this review is nothing wrong with Webike at all. I was impressed on the fast shipping and handling.

I recently purchased for my motorcycle YAMAHA R1 05. catalyst from the company AKRAPOVIC. I wanted to increase power on my motorcycle a little. After installing the catalyst AKRAPOVIC, the motorcycle began to work a little differently. He had a little power added, the exhaust gases began to go faster and therefore began to accelerate better. I recommend this product.

Very light compared to Normal silencer
With regard to mounting accuracy, installation completed in about 20 minutes without any problem
Regarding volume, it is NORMAL + α feeling, and it seems that there is no problem in the residential area
Neck price is ... Titanium, so why not help it

I like the Exhaust System of AXIS Lapo but because of the absence of Japan's Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence, I was giving up until now.
JMCASpec for CB 1000 R. Slip-on Silencer was released so I tried installing it immediately.
Sound is quieter than NORMAL and plays a clear sound quality with no banging feeling.
It turns to Round ish Sound from around 4000 rpm and the volume seems to be slightly larger Large.
Because there was better coming out, there was no motivation on the whole.
Material : Carbon's Heat Guard, Silencer end seems elegant and I think it looks good.

Yellow color character changed to Red Emblem from AXIS La Sticker of De Fault, changed to mono color sticker. Impression changes for Large only by changing!

I do not feel the change of output almost. Did you change your mind?
Sound is feeling bigger than OEM. Bass is ( ? ∀ ? )イイ!!
Installation is very easy. I bought a tool 1 pc for the included Bolt. I could have bought Bolt, but I used the included Bolt to prevent mischief.
What I like most is the naturalness of Design.
I installed it in the 18 year Orange, but the color of Silencer and Color of Body : Gray has a close color and it is as natural as OEMOption.
Also, by attaching a Heat Guard, it becomes a line similar to OEM's Muffler layout, so I think that it is the best 1 pc for those who like OEM's appearance and do not want to change it much.

I tried installing OEMExhaust System and I did not feel the sound or output change, but it was lightweight. I am very satisfied because the texture and installation accuracy are also good.