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ALCAN hands

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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Although the object for DR-Z was purchased, the die length of the metal fittings (banana) attached to the axel side was different, and the degree of setting angle had bent.
It is safer for deleting by a file grinder etc. to have needed to be processed, and to purchase an original manufacturer's product, since it cannot attach as it is.

It purchases to CB750F INTEGRA.
Since the clutch wire was old, it decided to exchange.
Compared with the new article, the removed old wire deteriorated fairly and was hard.
Probably, it was almost a life, since it had used this and that for ten years or more, although used lubricating briskly.
The operation became light clearly after exchange.
When not changing the clutch wire what year, or when a discontinued car is purchased in medieval times, aren't they the components which may consider exchange first?
I think that it is a portion which operativity improves but certainly cheaply.
It seems that in addition, such a thing cannot be found and it can use for this product although it has written clearly A bol d'or integra is excluded in the package.
It was the completely same actually die length as my integra being pure, and even if checked with the parts list, the bol d'or was also the same parts number.

It was the structure which carried out the well just like pure.
Large satisfaction!

It purchases together at the time of grip exchange, and equips.
Since it equips with this, something does not become good, but I think that it will become stupid touch if there is nothing.
We are a cheap thing and recommend you sushi grip and simultaneous purchase.

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

The product has a good quality feel. The rubber material feels nice and offers good grip. The pattern is nicely finished. There is only 01 issue. The rough edge of the hole (see in picture) is not well-finished as shown in Webike's pictures but looks like it was cut with blunt tool.

It is natural, but it is not poning.
Throttle side thinks that it will be frustrated if there is no Leutor, you can not assemble it because the inside diameter of the Grip is straight unless the inner side and the base side are scraped until Rib becomes Flat.
Removal can be done easily by making a gap and improving the slip with PartsCleaner, however, Throttle side covers the above Rib, so there is a part that can be torn off. Also, when Bar End was also converted to Other Brand Product, processing was necessary again.
Remove. , You can not undo it, so you need Kill and tools for work.
I did not use glue, but I recommend coating if you do not exchange for the time being, Wire lock can also be done later, so I decided not to paint rather than make it dirty.