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Collar is a Flash mirror / [Color] Buy Clear.
Although it is Clear base, since it is Mirror, I can hardly see the face, I think you can understand the image, but Mirror is a very beautiful finish and satisfactory item.
Distortion due to shape also does not become matter of concern without noticing, but it seems normal, but there is somewhat reflection on the inside.
Still it will be a problem Level if you get used to it.
I feel satisfied that Mirror feeling is most felt among all colors.

It's a beautiful shield. The color is reddish, the daytime vision is great and very bright. However, the night vision is kinda bloody which is creepy for me. I prefer yellow tint more for riding at night. That's fine however the unforgivable problem with this shield is the image distortion especially on the upper part of the shield. So much distortion that I have a headache, and sadly I end up putting it back in the box. Unused.

Although I tried variously, this Bubble of 72 JAM is the easiest to use, because the Motorcycle is leaning forward, this is the most distorted, but this is the most distorted, since the moving part is Rivet beating and the gap is small, so Shield and face There is not much entrainment wind since the gap of the extra is not empty.
This bar Simoncelli was the first time, but it's easy to see, the night view is beautiful. My wife loves it now..

When I was using this last time I did not have any problems with living in Tokyo, but now I have moved to a rural village and there are only streets without street lights so I am afraid and I can not give Speed.
Clear, though, is chitin and Mirror. It's fine during the day, but it's hard to see quite at night.
In the daytime it is good enough to have moderate Mirror feeling not so much as Glaringly. I am satisfied with the function and the price and use it for a long time.

I bought it using Point.
Color and shape are not cheap as well, but I feel like Small overall.
There was something that did not match what I fits with my Helmet.
I think that some curvature is Bubble and can not be helped.

I bought Motorcycle for Cruiser so purchase for town ride. Texture is good for the price.
However, although it is Free Size, it's a little loose if it's your own head. (Previously it was Exactly with SHOEI's Full faceM Size)
Also, ordered Black is what I ordered
It was Mud black that arrived (*_*)
But I was not particularly concerned.

Color is Flash mirror, Light smoke, UV Cut processing - Although it is hard court processing and the texture of the Shield itself is good, compared to the Shield of the same shape that we currently own, it is Large in length and breadth.
When actually attached to the Helmet, the tip of the shield moves forward. I think that it covers the lower part of the chin and the functional side is good. ProtectionRubber parts used for gaps between Helmet and Shield are also included. (I do not feel like using it)

Although it is a feature of opening and closing type as expected, as for the two points of the cheek part of snap button 5 point fastening as expected, it is hard to fasten or remove easily with wearing Helmet, and I think that it is not practical for opening and closing so much. In that case it would have been better to buy one without opening and closing mechanism.
As I actually mounted it to Helmet, I will not use it because I feel a bit lumpy and uncomfortable. (I think that it is a good Shield when it emphasizes functioning, but because it also emphasizes appearance)

I fell in love with Graphic, but my hat body is Large rinse and it looks like a Match stick and Parenthesis is bad.
Since Size is not divided finely, it does not come nicely.