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For brembo new Crab 34, since Pad pin Spring is too hard, purchase to reduce the burden of Pad exchange even a little.

Smooth surface.

Result The appearance is also Lacquer Black with a nice feeling (^ ^ ♪

I was able to install.
Because it was written that CBR 1000 RR can not be installed depending on the vehicle,
I was worried but I could safely fix it.

this is the best looking piece of parts on my bike :p , performance,... from Yamato by upgrading to this cooler my bike was able to run much cooler on the hot well really fking HOT summer day with no wind in Saigon city.

I used it for MONKEY during Restore. Outside Swingarm Why is OEM Pipod Shaft Length not delicately enough, I used this this time. It is never said that there is an umbrella Washer like an OEM pivot Shaft if possible, but it is more useful than an OEM with less Length!

Since I replaced Pin of Rear caliper of VTR, I also replaced Front. In the beginning Front was also trying to replace with Stayless pin of DAYTONA, but this ChromolyPin has come into my eyes.

The touch that I touched also is slippery, and it seems that there is little friction. Although it is durable after all it is ★ 5 with overall expectation.

By the way, Catalog has NISSIN 4 / There is it for 6 POT Caliper, but this pin is suitable for One Side 2 pod Caliper which is about VTR.

I installed it in the corresponding model 96 year type CBR 1100 XX, but this product was so big that I could not install it without entering the Stem hole.
I purchased and installed One size Small BPY_14011, anxiety such as being able to move by hand was left but I could mount it without trembling while driving.
The same Owner is One size Small (18. Please purchase for 1 ~ 20 mm).

I used OEM as it was when swingarm was exchanged.

However, OEM was broken and it seemed to die during traveling, so I replaced it for this product.

Although it was broken because there was a problem with the installation of Swingarm,
Since it is not normally breakable, OEM is OK..

Just because it is the essential part to support the car body, I have never done it well.
Material can be experienced immediately by weight as soon as it arrives in hand.
It's harder and more reliable than OEM's Steel.

It is rather expensive, but I think that it is good for MONKEY who raised Power!
It looks very beautiful and satisfying.

Like a Front, although there was not necessarily a problem pure, it is taken in in sound called a Chromoly...
product precision is good and does not have a Wobble etc.It seems that it is satisfactory on use although the die length of the
pin is a little short.There is no telling whether to be that the motion of the
Pad became good, clearly...
durability is those of verification with room.