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Bracker box ALPHATHREE dapat menambah muatan bawaan Anda tanpa mengubah desain asli body motor. Bracket box ALPHATHREE sesuai untuk motor off-road, street, dan skuter.

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It is also made as Well, Bolt holes are also prepared for SIDE so that Universal Product can be installed. The manual at the time of installation was also enclosed so it was easy to install.

Processing of Rear Fender is necessary, but because it is Plastic, holes are easily opened. I am Footpeg Drill (Like Drill of old Robot) I opened it appropriately.
Each Bolt vibrates etc.. I seemed to loosen it so I applied Screw lock.
Working time was around 25 minutes.

Sighs a little about the manual as other people say.
Large sturdy if assembled literally written in the manual, I thought it was good to devise a picture or put a picture etc.
It is expensive compared with other carriers, but as I am satisfied with Forme being not so much destroyed.
Regarding strength, no Brown is prohibited. Although there is a notation that it is Dirt running etc., I think that it should be used in the normal Touring to the last.

Review was rated good, so I tried to purchase, but it took quite a while to install. Precision is too bad. Since CarrierBody does not stick straight to the attached Bracket, it will not pierce deeply. The bending angle of Bracket was also bad and I bought Carrier Body and Bracket to adjust it because it touched Cowl and installed it difficult..
I will not buy it from next time.

I purchased it by watching only the pictures attached to the CRF. I thought that if it measures Small it was 15 cm wide × 12 cm long × 5 cm high. The tool on hand does not enter. I think that the width is 18 cm.

The price is high, but I think that the texture and appearance do not destroy the Motorcycle's Silhouette and that is good.
On the other hand, loading amount can not be expected. I use it with Backpack without problem. It is unavoidable that removing the Side cover is a little troublesome...

I thought that loading capability is essential for Zero's DRZ 400 SM, and I purchased it. Large satisfied with Stylish!
Because the weight is a little heavy Material : Aluminum is perfect, but ...

There is no Instruction Manual on how to install! Advertising flier Quantity : 1pc. It is only attached. I'm surprised. I tried to attach it probably, but I am worried that I do not know whether this is correct or not.

The shape is good without deteriorating the shape of WR. I installed it myself, but there is nothing particularly necessary for the Instruction Manual? But the Instruction Manual is unfriendly, but if I can not do this it feels better not to tamper with Motorcycle. I wonder if it's a little more polite, only dissatisfaction is the price a bit expensive. It would be great if it was cut by 20,000