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Because it was only adjustment of Pre-road, I got lost as LEGENDTWIN, but at the Touring Main, it was too much performance from myself going to the pass occasionally.
In the past, I installed Suspension of cheap other Company Product, but it is totally different thing. There was a feeling of thrusting up at the step, I got tired from the middle of Touring, but I can overcome supple, so that I do not feel tired and I want to ride all the time.
Although it is not cheap shopping, I think that cost effectiveness is outstanding.

Although I got a few cars from kawasaki car from the past, I chose OHLINS for purchasing ZZr 1400 this time. For installation, hook the Center Stand and bite the tree on the bottom of the Tire and loosen the Bolt and shift the bottom LINK, you can lower the Normal Suspension. Although OHLINS installation is the reverse, it was a little wisdom ring state whether the Reserve tank is Large or not, but it was safe to install. It's about an hour. Now I am in the Setting, I tried to make it all loose, but I was not able to ride and ride it. Because it is 176 cm, 84 kg, it may be okay to keep it worn. COM. Adjustment of REB is DialGold and Black, but not by turning it but by turning the 3 mm Hexagonal Wrench inside. The person who wrote earlier is "I can not turn it" I was writing, I could not even turn it. In the manual, there was explanation of the type that is slightly unkind and turning Dial type and hexagon, but this type is not written as this type. So I purchased Long Type's Hexagonal Wrench and it became easier to adjust. Now it's easier to get on a little. I will set it a little more in the future.

The latest rear shock delivers excellent control and feedback to rider . The shocker must first be sprung for your weight , then easy to follow instruction help you set it up . The ride this shock delivers is confident inspiring competence , and is a perfect partner to the FGRT208 fork .

Ohlins new 30mm cartridge big piston fork , specifically for '08 + Suzuki Hayabusa . Straight forward instruction for set up , but must be sprung for your weight first . Each leg is close to 2kg lighter than stock fork leg , and once set up , these forks work beautifully on my favorite roads , and confidence inspiring on all roads . Combine with Ohlins TTX36 rear for serious all conquering road performance .

As pre-adjustment is easy, it is usually the weakest
I'm on a ride, as if I was LEXUSetc. Luxury
It seems to be on the Rune (LEXUS)
There is not it either - - )

Still, as soon as you tighten
Change to a firm Sports-based suspension
I will do it...

Recently, refraining from running Circuit
There was also, OHLINS thought useless
Even if it is On-street ride, enough
I think there is Merit.

It is not cheap shopping by any means. When there is a front and rear exchange, 1 of the car body price / 3 or more.
But its performance is felt better than any Parts.
I can understand that feel for the first time running. Ride comfort when running straight on a straight line. It is unusual in the normal road surface Small little road surface. It is supple as if it is on a luxury luxury car.
Suspension from the low speed to the high speed is remarkably good. The goodness of this movement is outstanding also in Cornering, and even on a rough road surface, it is sucked and stabilized on Firmly road surface. Switzerland will follow the movement that uses the reaction force of the submerged sinking while turning to turn it back to the other side.
I was wearing OHLINS before and after ZEPHYR 750 which I was riding the previous time, but this F suspension which became a new model was able to confirm that movement and convergence are earlier.

For Custom, Factor that is also important for appearance. I selected Gold this time, but it stands out from a long distance. It is good to stand out. Because it leads to visible safety.

Until now I used OEM KYB, but because I changed the Swingarm and it got high rigidity, I got rid of the thrust up badly in OEM and replaced it so I exchanged it.
I had a hard time till setting out, but after setting out my favorite setting, I can feel the contact area of ??Tire with ass. It's as if it's still a limit. I feel like Motorcycle tells us to open more (Expression is junior high school student Level). Even in the place where the road surface is rough, Dumping performance is excellent, so it supple supple.
The price is expensive, but I think that the cost effectiveness is high.

Flexible running, and less fatigue. At the pass, I can not recognize the difference with my arms, but the absorption of Shock at high speed is Outclassing.