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After replacing the LED Blinker, I tried installing it because I wanted to leave Position function.
Because Body is Small Type for Car, it is appreciated to install in Motorcycle.
It is a little troublesome to set the setting which is just unique to the operation for dimming adjustment. It was convenient if you had an adjustment Dial and so on ? ? ?.

Refreshing appearance, but the storage capacity has increased significantly. Because the vehicle is old, it is the best because you can stack more tools and rain gear. I think that purchase with Set is definitely better

Regarding delivery of goods as usual, there is nothing to say.
There is nothing complaining about installation.
However, it turned out that it was not lit due to poor contact in 1 month.
Durability is too low anything !!
If you are singing for Motorcycle, you have to think a bit more about the earthquake resistance - - -

Although it is Type of License Plate Light stuck to the included Bracket with Double-sided Tape, the fundamentals broke when peeling the Double-sided Tape, the electricity ceased to pass and it became unusable.
There may be individual differences, but the root making is too weak.
I dropped Gold on the dove.

Rear surroundings refreshed. I did not have much difficulty in installation, but one screw Screw hole does not fit well and screwed in power industry (Lol) Since License Plate Light will be installed upside down with OEM, only Lens flipped in accordance with it. When peeping in from below, I can see Aluminum's background, I wonder if Black was better as the body is Black.

Mounting on ZX6R. Brightness adequate. But I'm dissatisfied with Blue in LED. I decided not to mind because it is only necessary to replace it with the white LED.

This is good if you want to attach License Plate Light so that it is inconspicuous.

The connection part between LED Body and Wiring is weak, and the one used before was dead due to the contact failure. This is the second purchase.
Still two years have been used, so think that things are good.
Brightness is alright, it is rather luminous enough to argue rather.
The angle can also be adjusted, the freedom of installation is quite high.
For this time, Bracket and LED Tape are fixed with Bond instead of Double-sided Tape. I fixed it with Tie Wrap on it.
If you add Wiring and contacts for a while, it can be recommended as a better product.

It's pretty bright. - - - -
However, the connection between the LED and Wiring was weak and the connection was defective in 1 hour.

Where you would like me to take measures such as eliminating the step of the mounting part - - -

Well I thought it was such a thing, but this time there was no luck> <

Oh, I still have it, so we sometimes have patterns like steps - - -