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AN-BU menawarkan sparepart dengan desain yang unik khusus untuk motor model SR400, SR500, XS650 dan W650. Anda bisa membuat motor Anda bergaya retro namun tetap terlihat modern dengan jok, spakbor dan fairing dari AN-BU.

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i was a bit worried that i was spending a lot of money and the seat might eventually not fit. all my worries were unfounded as you can see on the photo. a small pull-off - to mount the seat i needed to push the seat a bit apart, because the screw nuts were a little too close together. for me the seat could be a couple centimeters longer, that the end of the seat is on the same line than the screws of the rear mudguard. over all i'm really happy and everything's fine for me. With best regards from switzerland Dom

윙커 간격이 소형 윙커 장착시에는 조금 짧아서 전방으로부터의 시인성이 부족합니다. 혼 장착 부위가 지나치게 위로 꺾여 있어서 혼 교체 작업이 매우 어렵습니다. 물론 혼이 연료통 아래로 바짝 붙어서 보기에 좋아지는 효과는 있습니다. The winker spacing is a little short when the small winker is installed, so the visibility from the front is insufficient. The horn attachment part is bent too high, so it is very difficult to replace the horn. Of course, the horn sticks tightly under the fuel tank, so there is a better effect.(translated by Google Translator)

Although the appearance texture seems to be sturdy, attention is necessary as Mesh unravels if it gets wet with Gasoline. I think that the performance of Hose itself also has moderate hardness and it is good.

Soft Fuel Hose has a part that will become thinner in handling but this is the best in terms of heat resistance as well as appearance as there is Mesh around Hose

Material : Plastic's License Plate is also available, but in order to get more VINTAGE stuff like Material : Aluminum's here.
I was wondering if it was thinner, but there are thicknesses, a car with many vibrations (SR400) But it seems Large is durable.
Because it is Aluminum, I would like to enjoy the taste as I polish it, because I feel like I've been left untouched.
Just a little expensive ...

I attached it to the SR 400
Installation was easy with amateur myself
Seat is TandemSpec. It is not,
I felt it was shorter than the one in the photo.
I like the appearance and I am satisfied..
FI Vehicles seems to require a separate Bracket, so I think that it is better to consult with a dealer.

This seat is way too expensive for what you get. Although it looks nice on the bike, leather is not great quality, looks like plastic. As I thought it is very unconfortable, don't think to drive for more than 50 km at a time. Basically I don't recommend it.

It is a w800 ride.
When changing to popink made Blinker buy thought to change Position anyway.
The product which came arrived for sand painting why, Rust also stands out. (It seems that I kept it even outside for a long time. )
In addition, as it is installed, as it is hidden all by Fork Boots when seeing from the front, there was a fear that it could not go through the vehicle inspection, so somehow managed by Extend Bracket made by Huriken.
If you align the Blinker's orientation in parallel, looseness will occur, so Screw lock will be used in the future.
Things were not good, but it seems that it looks good as it looks like Refreshing.