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It is light, cheap and an outclassing.

Although I was using the Exhaust System attachment part in Hexagonal Wrench, I was injured in the hand which made it difficult to enter power, but this product can be easily removed, tightened and easy to use, so it can be used for various Bottle something useful doing.

Because S1000RR or BMW can not remove and replace parts without Hex lobe wrench - - - This time to take Tandem Footpeg - - - I thought that probably I did not even sell it to the Home center, and I got it on the wig Big soon.

I purchased VIRAGO Carburetor's Float room attachment Bolt as Hexagonal.
When I exchange Jet, I can finish not to remove Carburetor every time, I am very satisfied.

Used for GROM.
KITACO's SUPERThrottle purchased this without being satisfied with the opening degree.

KITACO37φ 8. 1%High Solo
This item 40. 3φ 15. 6%High Solo

Because it's universal it needs to be processed.
Because it hits Housing, I cut off the part to hang the product Throttle Wire, but I also need to cut a little Thailand co for Wire. Perhaps the Honda line usually does not?
Because I am HousingLimitSize, I think thailand never falls off.

Cospa is expensive as there is no need to replace the switch box.
The opening is also satisfactory, but it may be too high Solo for Honda Large type vehicles.

I bought it for use in cases where there are no spaces that can be delicately delicately delivered in Hex wrench of L-type.
It has a straight shape and still has a long overall length, so it is very easy to use in narrow and recessed places, and in my case I mainly use it for fixing the carburetor and Insulator fixing band.

Since Size is only 3 mm in the meantime, basically it is against Bolt not to be used with such a high Torque basically, but only for the moment of loosening from the state of final tightening, I want a little more of the thickness of the Grip part and anti-slip processing Become.

In the case of actual work, as long as you do not care much, the palm is very slippery with sweat and oil stains, so only the texture of this Grip and cranky texture was MinusPoint.

Since the tip is a Ball point, the point which can be turned even if it is slightly angled is very good, and if it is used straight it will be able to endure the final tightening.

Maintenance of Motorcycle is a fight against working Space, so the tool "I get access to itching place" I need something. I think that this product is not a basic tool, but once you find a part that can be used once, you will not be able to let go of it anymore.

We purchased this because we did not have High Solo from other Manufacturer. There is an Instruction Manual for installation and it can be installed without difficulty. However, because it also depends on the maintenance Level, you should ask Motorcycle shop to ask the uneasy one.
Specifically, I think that there is no problem if you are able to make play adjustment of Accelerator Wire both Throttle side and carburetor side.
Even my own, depending on the type of car, there may be some surplus even if you shorten Reverse Side to the limit. If it is a negative pressure carburetor it is not important so it is good, but if it is a forced opening and closing it may die if you stick it, please take care.

Because it is necessary to grip Axel, I purchased it because I wanted to make it a little high Solo.
Because it interferes with the Switch box in the vicinity of fully closed Axel, SEA BASS machining the Switch box with reference to the photo of the older model car. Next, it seems that WireOuter is also interfering Processing of a little slender. Close to Axel closed is OK - - - I found it to interfere near Axel full opening and abandoned installation.
It was disappointing though I was hoping that the previous DJEBEL got a good effect.