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Angel Hearts

Angel Hearts adalah brand penyedia riding gear khusus wanita. Produk Angel Hearts memiliki model yang terkesan berani, sporty, namun juga lucu dengan potongan yang pas untuk riding.

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Ulasan Produk Angel Hearts

Motorcycle Debut is the first purchase. I bought it at the recommendation of an acquaintance, but it was easy to wear and it was possible to battle cold weather.
Although it is 159 cm 48?, You can put Jeans under M Size.

Purchase for Passenger!

I chose carefully selected from among many.
It looks Simple, Pad wearable and warm!

It was a desired item!
Waistline is narrowed down making it possible to emphasize femininity. Fur also likes detachable style, you can enjoy it by mood.

It is safe to install Pad. Large Because I want to protect things like insurance in case.

It was really nice to purchase this item!

I purchased it as AngelHertz and Simpson's Jacket HardProtector.
AngelHertz was OEM so we could install it without problems, but Simpson did not have any problem.
As HardProtector seems to have gained a sense of security for the emergency case.

I purchased for Passenger Jacket at the same time.

After all I do not want anyone to fall down, but since I want to suppress injuries even if at all, I bought it as an insurance plan.

A friend recently fell down intensely the other day, but it was unhurt by the Protector. Again, I understood Protector's Large thing.

I was also using Jacket without Protector at the time, but now I can not think of saying that there is no Protector.

It was good to purchase!

Step is kept with the Hex bit of an acknowledged Vessel, entering a tip Magnet, and 2.5-3-4-5-6 in the Driver or the Bit.Although there is no turn in

Motorcycle maintenance, when constructing and acting as Balazs of a 19-inch rack or the furniture, the electric driver is using.a Series -- an overall length -- the same -- since there is no Torsion part -- a rigid feeling -- high -- a total Size -- it can use with the same feeling.The using feeling in the electric driver of a constant Torque is better than an Impact.Although the

Plating is also embezzled considerably beautifully, it does not wear out, and it is very convenient for the Cap bolt of a Steel to enter a tip Magnet.

Structure which became brave very much unlike the cheap precision driver.If there are the
Glasses, a model, an electric small product, etc., there will be no tool by which a cheap article tool is not useful as the Driver who is obstructed variously and is very helpful.
Safe, if such a thing is reserved.

It purchased for her summer Jacquet.That's right [
] which was seemingly good as for the function of the calm Design and a Mesh, and the person himself/herself satisfied.The Protector of
shoulder and an elbow was transplanted from winter Jacquet's LL Size.although it was a little large, to use, it is satisfactory -- it was .
2 view is considered.

It is a Mesh jacket of this term new work of an Angel Hertz. In abundant inside, the
Color variations has fallen in love with the fresh Blue at first sight.
-- by an Angel Hertz, since it is not a peculiar Design which is alike by unusual raw and emphasizes the Logo of an Angel Hertz, if the Size of a male or a woman suits, she can wear freely again. Although some
Motorcycle-wear-likeness remains, after getting down from a Motorcycle, even if he walks along a town, it is a Design which is not unnatural.
(it is -- although based also on color) The string for Waist adjusters is an Accent of the Design, and is foppish again.
My height weighs 163 cm, he weighs 52 kg, and the girth of the chest is 82 cm.
In this Specifications, WS Size was an Exactly.
-- if it says by force -- a feeling -- although tight touch was also carried out, even when it is somewhat tight, also considering the adhesion degree of a Protector and the body, I think whether it is good.
Since it is not a tight but stifling Level, please feel easy again. As long as
Size table is seen, the WM Size of length of the clothes is better, but I consider the Jacket here as it is more foppish to wear in short length.
breathability is a Jacket which is enough, brings to summer and is.
Although it is an important Cost performance, I think that it is success enough. Only on the back, since
, however a Protector are standard equipment, they need to purchase an optional Protector at the shoulder or an elbow. Is it a Motorcycle wear best in the direction which wants to ride a Motorcycle on
(Protector insertion Pocket is attached) everybody slightly dandily very well although it is not necessarily recommended?