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Added to SecondMotorcycle.

I am using Niriddora 1 at FirstMotorcycle and the picture at the time of confirmation is Small, but it records the surrounding images, the running data by GPS, and the sound, so it's better than not having anything on it, Niridora I tried to attach 1, but since Niriddora 2 was released by MODEL change, I attached two persons.

good point
The image at confirmation became Large.

A bad point

Frequently it does not turn on.

GPS sensitivity is very bad.

Compared to Niridora 1, Body became the first time in Small, but when inserting the cord, the Connector part pops out and eventually takes the installation space.

Body is non waterproof.

General review

As a DriveRecorder, it is fatal, when it is noticed, there are many cases where the power supply is dropped, and it is worried whether it records at the time of emergency.
Even if you contact Manufacturer "Please format SDCard" And the poor sensitivity of GPS "It's less sensitive than Niridora 1" And.
Regrettable though things are sorry for Manufacturer's response.
Nilidora 1 is better because malfunction is less.

Before and after Waterproof 2 Camera, constantly recording formula.
Previously, as there were few models that fulfilled this condition, I was able to use Sokosoko using Nirildra's initial MODEL
I bought Niriddora without hesitation, but I am worsening. What's more, the data of the front and back 2 Camera is File 1 pc. So I can open it with Windows Media Player, but it is only before or behind by File.
I am also using Dora Ray of 10,000 yen at the time of simultaneous recording before and after CHINA, but its usability is better.

For exclusive Soft, it is possible to play back and forth at the same time, but it can only be played partly on uninstalled PC. In Manufacturer's Homepage "Tool to assert self-validity" Although it is stated, notebook PC is indispensable as it becomes an assertion bringing in a PC that contains Soft. I asked about this matter by e-mail, but it's automatic reply "Reception completed" There is no tone even after one week from e-mail. The support system is also a doubt.

Since he cannot do an inner paint, are wearing of the inner center cover ('ミエ') which looked at this product and has fallen in love at first sight, but.
Without also removing especially a sheet, although removing and equipping with a sheet was described by the instruction manual, although it was itself of beginners custom, it was able to equip easily.

Since the thickness of the product itself is quite good, it seems to play a role of protection.

The gap is slightly empty at any position whether the making is sweet.

It's a bit expensive, is not it a problem if you are a little cheaper? - - -

The installation itself is easy because it just pastes with pongs
Because the product is thick, it makes a step a little bit
Because we use it to hide a dent, we close our eyes around there
It is a little disappointing when paying 10,000 and becoming this degree

The picture quality is poor, it is invisible, it is hard to understand the signal at sunny weather.
It may be useful if you are confronted from the rear or if the other vehicle is identified at the time of an accident such as pop out, but it may be useless if you can escape.
Since errors frequently occurred from the beginning of installation, there are many times when it is not recorded, so we are in the process of repairing.
It is meaningless unless it is recorded at the accident in the emergency.

Good product and fit nicely on to my bike! Will buy more product that fit my bike model!! Nice gel paint easy to install!!!

Very nice part, fine manufactured. I really like it. Instruction is understandable. Best regards to MODA. All fixing bolts are included