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If you feel lightly wearing it, you can feel the benefits of light firmly, feeling of use, feeling of fit, finishing, getting each standard, everything is satisfactory, I think you can add it to one of the selection branches for the time being

It does not come to the delivery date displayed at the time of ordering and will change display during order confirmation or what does it mean?

I thought it was cheap and I wonder.
Large I like it well, I like breathability well

I also have sewing firmly it's recommended

I bought it thought to wear it on Protector, but I bought it again with Smize. In other Manufacturers, there is no problem with L Size, but here is a little Small Feel? It feels a bit tricky. It was just right Size to wear Protector up, so I decided to use it on the second pair.
Those who are thinking to wear it on Protector will recommend on One size.
Regarding the fabric, we do not recommend it because it is easy to be frayed by those going to places like river rows.
You can be satisfied with Cospa and Design.

The part of the back of the hand is thin and stretchy Jersey Material, the white part of the palm is thin synthetic skins Black holes are air holes. Since there is no Inner in this Gloves, next to the hole is the palm of my hand.
Blue area of ??the fingertip is slip. The iPhone did not react.

Size is XL and Just fit.
Somehow I measured it from the base of my middle finger to the fingertip, but it was 85 mm. As a reference.

There is no problem for the Pants who bought this with Set, but the Jersey person is pretty easy to be frayed. I was frayed around once at the forest road touring. Size bought L Size at 175 centimeters 75 kg, but I think whether it was good for XL.
It was a little tight when I wore Protector inside.

I thought that Size would be ok if you purchased Waist's casual wear. It can be tightly made for the price. However, regrettable weakness of Jersey fabric which I bought with this and Set. Pants has no problem at all.

This time I bought Answer's cheapest Pants. I think that it is good for the price, I do not want to make it, the design is good for the uncle Rider. Up to now we've got a flashy Wear, but from now on I will do Answer.