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Aoshima (Qingdao Bunka Kyoikusha) menawarkan miniatur mobil dan motor berbahan plastik yang tersedia dalam model naked maupun full cowl dalam berbagai kapasitas.

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Aoshima [Naked Motorcycle Plastic Model] HONDA MONKEY โมเดล Honda Monkey Z50 สินค้าคุณภาพ ควรค่าแก่การสะสม งานละเอียด มาพร้อมคู่มือ Model Honda Monkey Z50 quality products should be worth collecting detailed work with the manual.(translated by Google Translator)

I hear that it does not interfere with riding, and since the slim tank bag was looked for, it purchases.

It purchases by water proof.
It is likely to enter very well.
Troubles will be suffered, if the cork ? which extracts air is hard and is my power (woman).
Since it is still intact, expectation is put and they are four stars.

Used for Touring SEROW. Fixation on the front side is fixed to Frame. It can not fix well with Seat fixed. Manufacturer's SEROW was also the same fixing method and I think that it is probably the best. Before refueling, it is lactine because it is magnet type..

Very valuable items to this Tank Bag
Magnet is a little weak so that it will not be misaligned with Belt attached!
Built when Magnet is not used, Rain Cover is also designated
There is a place to put in, but it is useful, but the content space decreases by that amount.
Since Rain Cover is Large when increasing capacity, it is a Large rinse at normal times
I was in trouble because I flew away. Since I used it for the first time in the rain, I will use the Elastic band
I am preparing. It is convenient to put a map and Memo on the surface

Products are solid finish
It is likely to last long.
Slit for Wiring for SIDE is large and wide open
As it can not be helped, if there is a Cover that does not use it
I am happy..
Well, I wish I could make it myself.

Tank Bag used in the previous Motorcycle was weak in Magnet's power, and it gap from Tank while driving. This time Bag has good compatibility with the Tank shape of the current Motorcycle, and it does not gap even at high speeds. Although the capacity is Minimum because it is the first time for Small, there is also the advantage that even if you turn off the Handlebar it will not interfere. As many people wrote, I regret that putting Rain Cover in a given position makes it bulky and the amount of storage decreases, but I think that it is a satisfactory item except it.

I was looking for a Small Type Tank Bag to equip ESTRELLA.

At the beginning I was worried that it could be taken with tremors and wind pressure, but Magnet was powerful and it was not easy to come off.

Large is also perfect feeling.

As pointed out by other users, it is hard to see the screen unless you have a sunshade Cover